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Summary and Evaluation of Quantitative Research Paper - Essay Example

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he age old ritual of mating has been a constant source of misery, confusion and frustration for both sexes throughout time. Due to the evolution in technology and the methodology of research we have been able to understand this process slightly better. …
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Summary and Evaluation of Quantitative Research Paper
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"Summary and Evaluation of Quantitative Research Paper"

Download file to see previous pages By carrying out controlled experiments we can finally begin to conclusively evaluate what it is exactly that both sexes find attractive in a partner. However, it appears that what men and women want is not such a mystery after all, and that traditional wisdom formulated on the matter throughout many millennia could very well be true. This is the crux of this article. INTRODUCTION The article by Michael J. Dunn and Robert Searle contains a background to and an elaboration of research conducted in order to assess the physical attractiveness of social status cues to both males and females. The social status cue used in this particular research was a motor car. A sample of population of both genders was asked to rate the attractiveness of the same opposite sex model firstly in a neutral status car (Ford Siesta) and a high status car (Bentley Continental GT). The findings of the research confirmed what we already knew through previously conducted research. Renowned psychologists such as Buss, Symons and Fletcher have studied this matter extensively for many decades. Their scrupulous examinations of the matter yielded results which allowed the creators of this particular to formulate the hypothesis. Previous research clearly identified that particular preferences exist when finding a mate. Although these may not apply to both sexes. Buss in particular carried out a multi-cultural study of mating preferences leaving us with the conclusion that traits that were deemed attractive were indeed universal. To summarise the findings of many researchers including Buss, it can be said that the primary trait considered by males is physical attractiveness while females tend to seek financial wealth and status. Buss also stated that females can be alerted to financial wealth and status of a male through various cues. These are largely dependent on the socio-cultural background of the female and relative to a particular society. For example in the West bank accounts house ownership may be a key indicator. However, this inclination still exists within females from lesser developed societies where bank accounts and house ownership are not as common (Betzig). In Western societies, physically attractive women have a tendency to marry men of a high financial and social status (Andersson). Research has also shown that men and women are clearly cognisant of what the opposite sex finds attractive. Males tend to become competitive and display jealousy on the basis of financial status and wealth (Buss, Shackelford, Choe, Buunk, & Dijkstra, 2005; Park, Wiling, Bunnk, & Massar). They are also more willing to make exorbitant expenditures on luxury items in a bid to impress the opposite gender (Kruger). Females on the other hand, appear to be far more fixated on their physical attractiveness and exhibit hostility and jealous towards other females based on this context (Buss, Park). Conversely, due to the sexual revolution and female empowerment movement of the 1960’s, the West is no longer a society where the male earns and the female is designated to tend to the offspring. Females have become increasingly financially independent and are now in an equal position to acquire financial status cues like cars as males. A survey conducted by Autoroyalty showed that “50.61% of Volvo V70 owners and 61% of BMW Z4 owners were women”. In such circumstances do women continue to display the same preferences? The answer according to research is an unequivocal yes. Females, still continue to place twice as much importance on financial status cues than men (Buss, Shackelfor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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