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The debate over same-sex marriage - Research Paper Example

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Name of of Class Professor Date The Debate Over Same-Sex Marriage 1. Introduction Since the 1950s gay people have been speaking out about their rights and by 1969, there became a movement for gay rights. According to Cabaj and Purcell, the conversations about gay rights was the precursor to same-sex marriage (Cabaj)…
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The debate over same-sex marriage
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Download file to see previous pages This decision was the catalyst for legal and political battles throughout the United States (Purcell 29). Today, same-sex marriage is a still a controversial topic and one that is constantly being debated by two different sides. On one side are the religionists who feel that same-sex marriage goes against the Bible, and that the main reason for marriage is procreation (Viefhues-Bailey). Often one of the arguments that some Christians state is that “the Garden of Eden, housed Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve” (Viefhues-Bailey 109). On the other side of the debate, stands everyone else who suggest that the issue of marriage is a human right and should be granted to any two people who want to marry (Cline). The issue of same-sex marriage is continuing to cause controversy across the world as people on both sides continue to debate it as a human right. As an example, Almond reports on various countries that are currently discussion laws for same-sex marriage. Uruguay and France are discussing their laws and deciding how to allow same-sex marriage. The United Kingdom and New Zealand also add to the trend for making same-sex marriage legal in their countries. This suggests that the debate is not going away and that the conversation will continue for many years to come. Also, this shows that the United States has in some ways, taken the lead as to how to approach the politics of gay marriage. The question of whether same-sex couples should be given the right to marry is the topic for this Capstone II project, and it corresponds to the issues that we discussed in Capstone I. In Capstone I, the debate over same-sex marriage was created. 2. A Short History of Same-Sex Marriage In order to discuss same-sex marriage, it is important to go back to the issues of gay rights because this was the basis of same-sex marriage (Cabaj and Purcell), and to the beginning of the world. Cabaj suggests that the biggest challenge for total acceptance of same-sex marriage is homophobia. This happens because people are afraid of change. However, there is a recorded history of same-sex love throughout history. Same-sex marriage may appear to many that this is just something that began within the last several years, historically, same-sex marriage dates back to ancient times. Cabaj states that homosexual behavior goes as far back as Greece, where the love between two men was very much a part of Greek society (2). Many of these relationships had ceremonies and were comprised of older men and adolescents; in Greek society, both parts of this relationship were seen as equal. Generally, the two men stayed in a relationship until the adolescent became older, and at that time, he may choose to marry a man or a woman. There was not the stigma of homosexuality at that time. In Roman times, couples would be married and recognized in their societies (“The History”). Many people during this time would marry slaves and this was done without discrimination or repercussions. Marriage between men was sanctioned by the Romans in the first century and there is evidence that Emperor Nero married a man in a large, public ceremony (Cabaj 3). As the Roman Empire began to crumble, and the Catholic church had more influence, homosexuality was not as tolerated and accepted by the fourth century (Cabaj 3). Still, as in any civilization, same-sex couples continued to have unions and ceremonies as couples throughout the East and what was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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