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Gender Culture & Health - Research Paper Example

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The resilience theory is a filed of study which has been widely addressed by sociologists and psychologists in the recent past. The theory is associated with an increase in emphasis on strengths and a reduction in pathological emphasis…
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Gender Culture & Health
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Download file to see previous pages Resilience is an import concept in the development of a child as well as research activities. Resilience can be observed from an individual level, family or community level. These different types of resilience are interrelated and knowledge of each of them can help in understanding of the relationship. Many individuals are faced by adversities that end up affecting the whole family. Poverty, violence, crime and substance abuse not only affect individuals, but also the entire family setting. The community is also affected by such. Many adversities, therefore, affect the community, family and individuals almost equally. Personally, I have experienced the effect of resilience in the family. I have been an alcoholic for a long time but the resilience of my wife and children helped in my way to recovery. The fact that they were able to bear with me during those alcoholic days have helped me stay sober for ten years now (Minkler & Wallerstein, 2003).  The resilience expressed by the community and the family also relate to that expressed by individuals faced by the same adversities. In order to promote resilience, individuals would show an optimistic attitude and a sense of purpose. They would also seek self empowerment and a sense of purpose. These are very well related to the family’s way of promoting resilience. The characteristics that the family would show include cohesion and promotion of communication amongst themselves. The self-efficacy that individuals show would also relate to the cultural pride that family uses to promote resilience. These individuals and family would use community resources such as the available strengths and assets. The community resources makes the most important contribution because when resilience is promotes at the community level, both the family and the individuals would benefit by using these available strengths to promote resilience. A responsive community would, therefore, provide individuals and society with resources for resilience when they are faced by adversities like poverty and community violence. My community in Boston, for example, has been very fundamental in my recovery path from alcoholism. They would use educative and awareness programs to ensure that I consider leaving the habit of alcoholism for the good of the community, my family and I. Their resilience at this time contributed to my positive results today, that is, consistent sobriety. These experiences from my personal life have made me appreciate the role resilience during times of adversity. My two daughters and wife did not give up on me because of alcoholism. Their resilience challenged me to stay sober; something I have maintained for ten years now (Prilleltensky, Nelson & Peirson, 2001). Culturally competent care involves the provision of healthcare services with respect to cultural and social constructs of the patient. For the effective provision of healthcare, it is important to have a good understanding of the patient’s cultural perspective of medical care. In Fadiman’s book, the author outlines the people believed to be excellent healthcare providers to the Hmong as well as the poor providers. The doctors in the county hospital, as the author describes, used to refer to problems and misunderstandings as collisions, which was considerably not relevant. The description that the two obstetricians give in regard to the smell of the Hmong food shows how unprofessional they are. It also reveals that they are insensitive to the patient’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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