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Interpersonal Communication - Essay Example

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Interpersonal Communication Introduction Communication plays a very important role in life. Arguably, a great percentage of life of a human being is spent on communication. Interpersonal communication is a multivariate concept involving use of different techniques such as listening, talking, and body language among others…
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Interpersonal Communication
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"Interpersonal Communication"

Download file to see previous pages Define of Terms One of the most important conflict resolution skills is assertion. Assertion refers to the interpersonal communication technique whereby a person gives affirmative statements in a confident way without expressing the need for proof or validation of those statements. Personal feelings and interests are expressed confidently, logically and clearly without being aggressive. in an inherent characteristic. It is an important skill in conflict resolution. Nonverbal communication refers to the skill of passing on a message by use of body language. Gestures, posture, facial expressions, dressing code, or even a combination of these skills makes it possible to communicate without verbal talk. Listening is arguably one of the most important interpersonal communication skills. It is said that a person has two ears and one mouth to “listen as twice as he talks.” This is very true for effective interpersonal communication especially in conflict resolution (Wood 8). Choice of Concepts Conflict resolution is a very challenging endeavor. It is the most challenging area of my interpersonal communication. After personal evaluation in this field, I discovered that my main problem was caused by lack of assertiveness, poor nonverbal communication, and listening skills. ...
I discovered that I am hot tempered and as such, I would always find myself in conflicts with other people especially because of misunderstanding. I particularly noted that when angry, I could not listen, have control over my body language, or act assertively. I could not solve any conflict no matter how small it was due to anger. One memorable situation prompted me to think critically about my ability to solve conflicts. I was at home with my two younger brothers. There was power failure in our neighborhood so we could not use our home telephone. Instead, we opted for my cellphone. I am not quite sure who used the phone lastly and misplaced it. I had an urgent call to make but the cellphone was nowhere to be found. A conflict ensued and I got so angry with my brothers that I could not listen to them. I lost control over my body language hence fuelling the situation. When my parents came home in the evening, I could not stand on my ground due to lack of assertiveness and thus ended up feeling hurt as my parents tried to solve the conflict. I saw the need to work seriously on these three concepts. Practicing Opportunities I began working on assertiveness by engaging myself in solving conflicts whenever an opportunity presented itself. The best opportunity was when playing football during games time. I developed confidence by consciously controlling my assertiveness. It was quite simple to develop listening skills since I would only practice listening patiently to any conversation. Family set up offered me a good practice for this concept. I learned to listen to my younger brothers whenever a conflict arose. I found television and movie celebrities a good source of training for nonverbal communication which I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Interpersonal Communication
...?Interpersonal communication and number Dear Sarah and Tim, My advice to you for a good relationship is to invest more in effective communication. Use of effective interpersonal communication among couples is not only enriching, but becomes essential in relationships by using five tools: identifying the barriers to interpersonal interactions; using emotional intelligence; developing strategies for active, empathic and critical listening; understanding strategies for managing interpersonal conflicts; and understanding the impact of culture and gender on interpersonal communications....
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Interpersonal Communication
...Interpersonal Communication Part one Question one Many interpersonal relationships break because people are very poor communicators. It is quite hard to find effective communicators who take into consideration the elements of the communication process (Adler and Proctor 25). When I communicator with my younger brother I must listen to him when he is talking through nodding to show I get his point, I maintain eye contact to ensure I get all that he wants to say so that I do not misinterpret him. When responding to his questions or the issues that he raises I consider his thinking and his level of knowledge and select the best words that would make him understand the concept or issue that he asked. In presenting the ideas I do... because of...
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Interpersonal Communication
...?Interpersonal Communication Interpersonal communication has been recognized as an inevitable factor in managing organizational behavior within today's business world. The relationship between effective leadership and communication in organizations has long been emphasized by researchers. The leadership style, relational messages and leader’s communication has a great impact on how interpersonal communication takes place among supervisors and subordinates within the organization. Along with his vision, the manager's interpersonal communication ability and skills play a...
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Interpersonal Communication
...? Tact is a Necessary Part of Interpersonal Communication. 15 November Introduction Interpersonal communication involves the transfer of information. Information transfer includes news of death in the family and finding a new love. Interpersonal communication includes crafting company policies, standards, and procedures for the compliance of all company employees. Interpersonal communication may involve diplomacy and tact. Tact is a necessary part of enhanced interpersonal communication. Significance of the Topic Tact is a significant topic. Tact is defined as saying the...
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Interpersonal Communication
...INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Presented By goes here] To [your goes here] and number goes here] submission of the paper] Interpersonal Communication This essay will discuss what interpersonal communication is and how different communication issues affect the efficacy of interpersonal communication related to workplace scenarios. Interpersonal communication is a communication that takes place between two or more people. It is the exchange of words, symbols, or expressions between people. If we talk from organizational perspective,...
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Interpersonal Communication
...Interpersonal Communication Introduction Interpersonal communication is defined as a communication between two people who are dependent on each other. This type of interpersonal communication involves one to one conversation or the other way involves interaction of individuals with various people within a society. The concept of interpersonal communication is helpful in understanding the way people behave and communicate and why do they behave and communicate in different ways for constructing and negotiating a dialogue (Reece, 2010)....
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... Interpersonal Interaction One of the most common forms of communication that we experience frequently in our lives is the interpersonal communication. This kind of communication involves five Communication Principles. The beginning of effective communication has its beginning from self-awareness. The interaction of people makes it easier for one to learn several experiences which may allow them to develop their personal communication skills. This process keeps happening as people continue to reassess their lives. The second principle is the ability of people to appreciate both verbal and non-verbal messages that are presented in the communication. Understanding these messages allows people to form relationship, develop those... ...
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Interpersonal Communication
... Teacher I. ment of purpose The purpose of this interpersonal communication paper is to demonstrate how interpersonal communication is expressed by individuals in the script such as the child and the parents and the employees and the customer. Interpersonal communication is the process by which people communicate their feelings, thought and ideas with each other through the use of verbal, nonverbal and visual element of communication. This group paper will illustrate how interpersonal communication is used in the script by the child and the parent, the employees with their customer. The script illustrated that there are various ways to understand what people are thinking or feeling at the moment through the interpersonal mode... of...
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Interpersonal Communication
...Communication Skills Communication Skills More often people struggle to connect with others. Picking up a conversation especiallywith somebody so unfamiliar tend to be challenging. Moreover, suppose a conversation begins, maintaining that conversation requires skills as well. There are those that are naturally good communicators. Their skills are inborn. However, scientists have demonstrated that skills can be acquired. Denis Rivers in his work demonstrate that practicing the seven challenges of communication can be very fruitful and has helped individuals achieve a lot of success in the competitive society. Practice makes perfect, doesn’t it? The seven challenges are...
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Interpersonal Communication
...Interpersonal Communication 1) Introduction of interpersonal conflict Interpersonal conflicts mainly occur when two mutually dependent parties are not able to agree upon a common interest. I have personally experienced such interpersonal conflict in my workplace. The problem is one of my group members is not punctual regarding submission of presentation, attending team meetings, etc. As a group, we all face problems if one group member is not aligned with set goals. Interpersonal conflict resulted because this team member of mine was not punctual during group presentation. We could not qualify for performance appraisal scheme since our...
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