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Organizational Psychology in Corporate Application - Case Study Example

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This essay discusses the application of organizational psychology for a hypothetical company, ‘We Make Widgets’, in order to build a model of corporate policy for employee support in daily operations.Organizational psychology can assist corporations in becoming more efficient by being attentive to the needs of employees and providing training programs that make employees more dynamic, productive, relaxed, and focused individuals…
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Organizational Psychology in Corporate Application
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Download file to see previous pages In working at 'We Make Widgets' as an organizational consultant specializing in corporate psychology, there was an immediate need for the implementation of policies related to teamwork in the company, stress reduction in individuals, and classes on personal focus related to the need of employees to separate work issues from professional requirements in order to make the business operations more efficient. My first research work in the organization involved a review of the company’s office and factory structure searching for a communications network that could be used to relay messages through the human resources department. It was my initial goal to establish the team leader in every work environment, and also to promote a new ‘team advocate’ who would be concerned with relating employee needs to management. The business totaled approximately 120 employees in a factory, warehouse, and adjacent management building. The company did not have an official counselor, so I have been hired in a dual role to implement my training in organizational psychology to employees as both a counselor and administrator of policies designed to attend to the mental health needs of the people on staff. Thus, I must be available for counseling and assistance to employees in resolving personal problems, while also building programs that operate across company departments to build greater efficiency in staff.


In reviewing the communications structure in the organization, there was an existing upper management structure that included the CEO, President, and VP of the company, along with the CTO, COO, Board members, and their assistant staff. The upper management occupied the top two floors of a four story building, with a sales and marketing team of 12 employees on the second floor. On the first floor, there is an office for three Human Resource staff, a public receptionist, janitor’s room, and cafeteria area. Adjacent to this building is a factory area employing 50 staff, 6 of whom are managers or assistant managers, and 30 warehouse workers. The company employees no delivery drivers, rather preparing orders for pick-up by contract shipping companies who operate out of the warehouse area. The widget factory itself is mostly robotic, with the workers themselves managing two production shifts and a small team working on weekends. Some of the warehouse staff are trained in the factory, but the warehouse staff is generally viewed by management as a place for those with particular skills to be evaluated for positions in longer-term factory work. Consequently, most of the factory staff has company provided health insurance currently, with the warehouse staff generally seeking it as part of a longer-term position with benefits. There are three teams in the factory area with one senior manager and three assistant managers. The warehouse has one team with one senior manager and one assistant manager per shift. I decided to appoint team advocates by asking for volunteers at a company meeting with each group, and tasked the team advocate with relaying any employee concerns related to the work environment, personal safety, mental health, company policy, etc. to me personally through my office on a weekly scheduled appointment ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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