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The Hunt for Excellence: The Best Practices for Recruiting - Research Paper Example

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The study "The Hunt for Excellence: The Best Practices for Recruiting" shall use non-random sampling methods to gather subjective and qualitative data. After which these data will be adjusted in line with the reviewers’ opinions to make it adequate and comprehensive…
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The Hunt for Excellence: The Best Practices for Recruiting
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Extract of sample "The Hunt for Excellence: The Best Practices for Recruiting"

Download file to see previous pages Recruiting is the driving force behind for them since it breeds success (Grant, R. R., Leadley, J. C., &Zygmont, Z. X. 2013). This is evident in four of the top five Universities on the list of football signing classes for 2012. They have either won or competed for a National title in the last five years. For instance, the SEC dominated in recruiting by Florida, LSU, Georgia, Alabama, and Auburn, and each school has won the conference championship each year since 1999 (Cary A. Caro, 2012). Hence, recruiting is important in the world of college football. (Bricker, J., & Hanson, A. 2013).
Normally each football program has a local, national or out-of-state area for recruiting. The local area includes home state and surrounding states with a few talent-populated areas. Therefore, it is vital to keep off another school from outside to out-recruit in a school's local area. This explains why no school in the country has a more powerful pull over kids from its own backyard than LSU. A strategy which enabled them to win two BCS National Championships in a five-year period (Feldman, 2007).
Local area recruiting require assigning coaches specific area due to a certain level of experience or knowledge of the area (Griffin, 2009). Therefore, all coaches need to first build relationships and credibility with other high school coaches in an area alongside protecting the local area(Maisel, 2009). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Hunt for Excellence: The Best Practices for Recruiting Research Paper.
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