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The main functions of the job offer involves general accounting practices including the periodic analysis of cash flow charts,…
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Job Hunt
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Job Hunt Table of Contents General Purpose of the Job Announcement 3 Job 3 Company 4 Thank You Letter 5 A Letter Asking fora Recommendation 6
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General Purpose of the Job Announcement
The major intention of this job announcement is to search for a skilled Internal Financial Auditor position vacant in a Financial Company in the US. The main functions of the job offer involves general accounting practices including the periodic analysis of cash flow charts, balance sheets, journal entries and ledgers along with performing other bank reconciliation activities.
Job Description
The Treasury Support division of the Financial Company has been directly recruiting skilled financial accountants within the corporate controller group in the City of Oak Brook. The individual will be engaged in multiple accounting practices including accounting analysis along with reporting for the business. The accounting functions will include assessing the compliance of the financial statements with the relevant accounting standards.
The main responsibilities of the professional being appointed as the internal financial auditor of the Financial Company will encompass auditing the financial reports of the company in accordance with the relevant accounting standards. The professional will also be liable to convey or report the standard and reliability of the financial statements produced by the company over a certain period of time.
Company Description
The Financial Company operates nationwide in the USA as one of the largest and most successful financial consultant firms, with its headquarter located in the City of Oak Brook, Illinois. The company can also be considered as one of the most respected and recognized brands across the nation with the intensive and constant efforts of more than 3000 employees. According to the present day context, it can be identified that the organization serves around 68 thousand business and individual customers through financial consulting in terms of tax planning, portfolio designing and business planning.
Thank You Letter
Organization: Financial Company
Dear Mr. /Ms. (Last Name)
With due regards for your kind considerations, I would like to thank you for providing a great opportunity to me with the offer of candidature in your interview session for the job vacancy of an internal financial auditor. I certainly appreciate for taking your time out of your busy schedule and talking to me concerning the post of Internal Financial Auditor in your organization.
I would like to state in this regard that it was a pleasure to talk to you and obtain unambiguous learning of the expectations which the company has from me as a professional. After thinking about your offer and my job requirements, I believe that the respective position will provide me an incredible opportunity to apply my academic understanding, skills and competencies to contribute in your organization’s sustainable progress. Thus, to contribute in your organizational progress and also to obtain career growth for myself, I look forward to possibly work with your organization.
Thanking You.
(Written Signature)
A Letter Asking for a Recommendation
Dear Mr. /Ms. (Last Name)
I would like to request you for providing me with a recommendation letter. I have been studying in your class to pursue my course in financial accounting and was hoping that your reference will be great help for me in gaining a challenging and rewarding job opportunity. I have recently received a call for interview in one of the renowned financial consulting firms of the USA. I believe that your reference will help me in obtaining a better response from my prospective employer as I possess no such job experiences in the auditing dimension. With this regard, I am enclosing an updated copy of my resume which can remind you to obtain information regarding my educational background, skills and competencies.
If you are willing to provide me with a recommendation letter, kindly let me know. I shall further collect it as per your convenience on your mentioned date. Thanking you in advance, I would like to state that I will be highly obliged for your kind recognitions which can provide me the opportunity of identifying my capabilities in my career endeavors.
Thanking You
(Hand Written Signature)
Source: (The Purdue Online Writing Lab, “Request for a Reference”)
Works Cited
The Purdue Online Writing Lab. Request for a Reference, 2013. Web. 19 Mar. 2013. Read More
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