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The Difficulties Awaiting a Novice Filmmaker - Personal Statement Example

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The paper "The Difficulties Awaiting a Novice Filmmaker" states the film director's formation process is long, requires full dedication and the ability to compete with eminent maestros, this process can demoralize an aspiring film director as they may not get much income and recognition from the first projects…
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Extract of sample "The Difficulties Awaiting a Novice Filmmaker"

Download file to see previous pages Being a film director is the sole dream and career that I sought to achieve through my life. As children grow, they often establish an attachment to various objects around themselves. I enjoyed watching cartoons, which grew my interest in drawing and creating pictures in motion. Later in my teenage, I engaged movies, a factor that grew my interest in the production industry significantly. Thus, today, I pursue my degree in film production, with the sole intention of being the best film director of my time. Professional qualifications
Education is an essential factor in the daily lives and progress of every person both socially and professionally. In this accord, I realize the essence and impact of having specialized skills, majoring in the field of choice by the person (Careers in Focus 21). As my interest in the subject of film directing grew, I sought to understand the requirements for a person to be eligible to make a successful film director. Thus, reading various materials, reports, and interviews, I saw the need for achieving the professional qualifications needed to be successful in the industry. Thus, it is for this reason that I chose to join the Academy of Art University and pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Motion Pictures and Television. This is the career certification required to become a recognized film director in the country. Personal qualities
However, I also realize that becoming a director is not a matter of professional qualification entirely. Film directing involves possession and application of personal effects, such including, talent, attitude, self-drive and personal commitment to the career (Careers in Focus, 21). A person without the acting talent cannot make a good director as he will not identify where the characters may need adjusting. Similarly, if a person has a negative attitude towards films, always criticizing works of film production negatively yet not presenting their own original interpretation of the film, then such an attitude will not make a film director successful. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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