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Professional Ethics US Firm Shipped Suspect Blood Canada - Case Study Example

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The author of the current case study "Professional Ethics US Firm Shipped Suspect Blood Canada" highlights that professional ethics is the set of moral issues arising because of specialist knowledge that people attain in their quest for professionalism…
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Professional Ethics US Firm Shipped Suspect Blood Canada
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Extract of sample "Professional Ethics US Firm Shipped Suspect Blood Canada"

Download file to see previous pages The Canadian Red Cross society was responsible for the blood system in the country since the 1940s. The society supplied donated blood to hospitals if it had not expired or to Connaught Laboratories if the blood was beyond its expiry date. In the late 1970s, there was an emergence of public outcry. Thousands of people were suffering from hepatitis C and HIV. After an investigation, the rise in HIV and hepatitis C cases were attributed to inadequately screened blood that entered the blood system. The blood came from high-risk populations like those in the prisons. In the 1980s, the private, governmental and non-governmental organizations supplied blood products and blood that were inadequately screened into the health system of the country (Picard 32).
One such case related to Armour Pharmaceutical Company. The pharmaceutical company distributed lethal blood products in Canada after it received a warning from one of the scientists and employees that the products could be carrying the AIDs virus. According to the scientist, the heating process involved in the manufacture of the products was inadequate to kill the HIV virus and thus the distribution of the products for public use was an ill motive. According to Alfred Prince, the scientist, the heating process did not always eliminate the HIV virus in the factorate blood clotting agent. The company disregarded this and requested the scientist not to publish the contents of his findings owing to the confidential provision in the contract document. The management went ahead to sell the factorate despite the dangers the action could expose to the public. The pharmaceutical company regularly collected blood from trick-prone one groups, that is, inmates and homosexuals and thus the likelihood of infecting the public with hepatitis C and HIV virus. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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