PRSA as well as the GDC professional code of ethics - Essay Example

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The key to realizing a degree of self satisfaction, honor, and integrity within any field or profession is to seriously engage with a full understanding and application of the way in which ethics are practiced…
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PRSA as well as the GDC professional code of ethics
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Download file to see previous pages Ethical decision-making will lead to a successful profession as well as understanding of each professional code. Also, in this course we learned the approach of developing individuals’ professional ethos. All of the material we learned, such as utilitarianism, social contractarianism, social justice/veil of ignorance, and duty-based ethics vs. situation-based circumstances, is significant to comprehend in order to effect a more well-rounded representation of ethics within the field of practice.
Virtue ethics concentrates on “the development of a right character over time through correct habits” (Traditional Ethical Approach p.1). It is also important to understand that you cannot merely become a virtuous person in a day; rather, it comes with experience and time. Becoming a virtuous person is important not only due to the fact that it represents engagement through the rules of best practice, it also allows for a degree of character growth as well as the increased benefit that those working with you will take note of your ethical decision making and seek to mirror it or to reward you based upon this aspect of your character. The PRSA code primarily enforces ethical practice and values. It states that all members must be honest with the people each communicates and deals with. Naturally, this is straight forward enough; however, when one contemplates the severe lack of honesty and the level that individuals within the business and professional world are forthcoming, one begins to understand the ultimate rational for putting such a simplistic expectation first and foremost within the ethical expectation for stakeholders within the PRSA. Furthermore, the GDC code proclaims that all members should not compete amongst each other; since this will invariably lead to unethical communication and an attempt by some to get ahead by lowering the status or position, trust, or ability of others. Thus, becoming an honorable person will exclude me from ever having unethical communication or acting dishonorably with my future co-workers, boss, or people I might be assisting. The second classical approach to making ethical decisions that we discussed is known as the deontological approach. This approach proclaims that a person must act according to one’s morals, regardless of the outcome since it will always be virtuous. Moreover, the deontological view asserts that virtue in and of itself can be defined as that which one would wish to become a universal law. In such a manner, the deontological viewpoint promotes the understanding that one should always seek to act in such a way that if their actions became a universal law they would have no issue with this. Naturally, this has a certain degree of the Golden Rule inherently built into the deontological approach to human behavior and ethical responsibilities. Yet, even if some of these approaches might not immediately be noted to have a strong or direct correlation to my professional code of ethics which have been discussed previously, they nonetheless can be applied to ethical situations in which the stakeholder is at something of a quandary with regards to what the best approach might be. Similarly, from the teleological standpoint, it must be understood that ethics and the code ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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