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Professional and Non-Professional Roles in a Helping Profession - Term Paper Example

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The author of the paper titled "Professional and Non-Professional Roles in a Helping Profession" states that non-professional policing came into formal existence just four years ago in Britain, though allied professions were in existence earlier too…
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Professional and Non-Professional Roles in a Helping Profession
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Extract of sample "Professional and Non-Professional Roles in a Helping Profession"

Download file to see previous pages The military was usually assigned the responsibility for maintaining law and order in ancient times. In Mesopotamia, captured Nubian slaves constituted the members of the first police force. Their color, stature, and a dress made them quite noticeable in Mesopotamian cities. They worked as guards in marketplaces, Praetorian guards, or in other positions of a mercenary nature. Visibility was recognized as the first principle of crime control even that long ago. The first non-military, non-mercenary, professional police force was the Roman vigiles. Augustus Caesar had been credited with making the first milestone in the formation of police forces when he created the Praetorian Guard to protect him from the threat of assassination. The creation of a daytime city fire brigade of 600 slaves, also by Caesar, marked the formation of the first supporting force. (

From the 5th century onwards, clan chiefs, local lords and nobles undertook the responsibility of maintaining order in their lands. They appointed a constable, often unpaid, to enforce order and ensure compliance with their edicts. The concept of police in the modern sense, however, was mooted in France in the 17th century and early 18th century. The first police force in this sense was created by King Louis XIV in 1667 in Paris, then the largest city in Europe, and also the most dangerous. In 1829, the first uniformed policemen in Paris and all French cities came into being, called segments de Ville (city sergeants). They were claimed to be the first uniformed policemen in the world.

The development of police forces was very much slower in the United Kingdom than in the rest of Europe. The word ‘police’ itself came into the English language from French in the 18th century, in reference to French and other continental European police forces. The word, and the concept of police itself, was regarded as ‘symbols of foreign oppression’ (Britannica, 2006, 1911). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Professional and Non-Professional Roles in a Helping Profession Term Paper.
(Professional and Non-Professional Roles in a Helping Profession Term Paper)
Professional and Non-Professional Roles in a Helping Profession Term Paper.
“Professional and Non-Professional Roles in a Helping Profession Term Paper”.
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