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Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing - Term Paper Example

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The author of the "Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing" paper believes that if we are going over the job description and specification it is safe to claim that we have followed the principles laid down by CEHR in relation to employment for the private and public sector…
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Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing
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Extract of sample "Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing"

Download file to see previous pages If we are going to look at the duties and responsibilities of the job “secretary,” it can be pointed out that it is well analyzed and is in lieu of what the job entails.  It is not asking for any task, which is not part of what the job secretary necessitates.   It is not asking for any task, which is not part of what the job secretary necessitates. In the duties and responsibilities, we do not ask for making coffee or other similar functions, which we (with bias) associate with the job. However, one can also notice that it seems that the hands of the secretary are “full” since she will be the front liner of the company. Aside from the paperwork that she will file and the correspondences that she will write, it is also part of her task that she answers the phone and relates it to the appropriate persons.

And at the same time, if there are visitors she will be one of the first representatives of the company that the visitor will deal with. Being such, it seems that there is an implied criterion of the job, which is to appear and look presentable. Frontliners like the position of secretary is considered vital in companies since it is normally through them that possible customers and actual customer/clients of the company make their first impressions. Being such, it is not surprising that appearing and looking presentable is an implied part of the requirements and need not be categorically asked. The question that appears before my mind is whether such “implied criterion” discriminatory? In all honesty, I think not. This I claim based on the notion that first, discriminatory is when “you favor one over another or when one person better treated over another person by reason of his age, sex, sexual orientation, gender, race, physical disabilities, religion or belief.”2 And in this particular job description and person specification, we can see that there is in no way any intentional act or move to discriminate any applicant. Moreover, what is saliently asked is to appear or look presentable, which I think is given in any social interaction. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing Term Paper, n.d.)
Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing Term Paper.
(Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing Term Paper)
Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing Term Paper.
“Commission for Equality and Human Rights and Employee Resourcing Term Paper”.
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