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Research in logistics and Suppy chains system - Essay Example

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Such a problem leads to increased terminal congestion and poorly services to the terminal users (Panayides 2006). The problem results from the inadequacy of expansion of…
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Research in logistics and Suppy chains system
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Extract of sample "Research in logistics and Suppy chains system"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the terminals are under attack by capacity constraints, inadequate decision-making techniques, and congestion as well as environment issues. Such daunting challenges result from the terminals negation of potentially significant pipe flow models of container terminals logistic process (Kuznetsov at al. 2015). Therefore, the modelling of terminals dealing with containerization traffic is still rare. Accordingly, there is an ineffective Container Terminal Logistic Systems that is chief in the present international logistics.
There should be an adequate modelling to ensure smooth operation of the terminals. However, the terminals efficient operation lacks satisfactory models to ensure smooth operation. Such an inadequacy is caused by increased number of containers without simultaneous risen in the terminals capacity. In addition, the top management is silent on such expansive strategies as they negate potentially pipe flow models of the container terminal logistic procedure. Such negligence results in constraints such as poor decision-making techniques (Talley 2007). The counteractive objective is, therefore, to design and develop a dynamic operation view. There is a need to increase the operational levels model simulation of the whole logistical procedure encompassing export and import flows (ElMesmary at al. 2014). Finally, there is a need to validate the base simulation model to enable scenario evaluation and its subsequent testing to gauge the operational alteration impacts in the terminals.
The metric for assessing the goal and make the ideas of possible routes accomplish the ideal situation is to design and establish a dynamic perspective of the terminal operation. In addition, an increased operational level of the model simulation would be feasible. Such should collapse into a validation of the base simulation model that enable scenario evaluation. Also, the scenario testing will help assess the impacts of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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