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GENCO product life-cycle reverse logistics support policy - Research Paper Example

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Logistics is a process that involves the flow of goods from one point to another destination for consumption purposes in order to meet the requirements of the supplier or the customer. Logistics is concerned with moving the goods to the destination as well as recalling them back…
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GENCO product life-cycle reverse logistics support policy
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"GENCO product life-cycle reverse logistics support policy"

Download file to see previous pages The company has automated its operations that make it easier to handle loads and load of reverse goods that they are contracted for. GENCO has centralized its operations to manage goods sent to the customer through its systems. It ensures there are feedback and direct communication for fast flow of goods from the supplier or corporation to the customer.
The company also has a system that conducts the reverse logistics from the retailer to the vendor. There is also a product recall management system within GENCO that deals with recalling of goods that are defective, spoilt or have been rejected due to other circumstances. There is also an inspection, repair and testing of the products that are to be sent to the customers. This is in the policy of the company of reverse logistics support.
There is also recycling services under this policy of the company. The policy describes the recycling procedures that are an end – of – life process of the goods. It is aimed to maximize the reusing of all the components and the raw materials and also to regulate the disposal of the complainant. Logistics in GENCO has a policy that performs all these processes explained ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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GENCO Product Life-Cycle Reverse Logistics Support Policy Research Paper.
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