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Lean implementation in chinese manufacturing SMEs - Essay Example

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The Research area can help me to understand the lean production methodology and business models of China based SMEs that will prove to be more useful to understand the pragmatic approach of methodologies used by SMEs. The research area under study is important because the lean…
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Lean implementation in chinese manufacturing SMEs
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Download file to see previous pages I will spend all the holidays and time other than module attendance and other post module assignment project on the research work. Moreover, when my supervisor will not be available then i will try to improve the work already done as per last meeting with supervisor. The minimum time required to complete the project is 6 months, in which sample selection limitation will persist
Despite it being easier to implement lean manufacturing in SMEs, its implementation is quite different from large companies and as such most SMEs usually face some obstacles in implementing the method successfully. The main barrier for SMEs is the lack of support and knowledge from top management with regard to the method. In addition, both employees and management tend to have a resistant towards change and new practices, which hinder the implementation of lean management. Most SMEs also have some constraints in resources, both operational and financial resources that will help in their path of becoming lean. Another obstacle is the instability in production schedules and cooperation from suppliers in most SMEs that makes it difficult to carry out lean manufacturing practices (Nordin & Deros, 2013).
As Womack, Jones & Roos (1990) concluded in their study, lean manufacturing can be implemented by any company anywhere in the world in all industries and it regarded to benefit both small and large organisations regardless of the size factor. Several scholars, which have dealt with the concept of lean management, have stressed that when implementing this method, SMEs should not start with massive financial investment in lean practices but should go slow. One of the proposed framework by Herron and Braiden (2007) pointed out that, SMEs should focus on five basic practices as the stepping stone towards developing lean manufacturing in a company that include quality circle, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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