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Supply Manager are making a difference in todays global markets - Article Example

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The paper delves on the importance of the 21st century supply chain strategy. The paper focuses on the significance of supply chain managers’ ensuring all…
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Supply Manager are making a difference in todays global markets
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Extract of sample "Supply Manager are making a difference in todays global markets"

December 20, Supply Chain Managers and Today’s Global Markets Introduction The borderless global market economy is grounded on timed and executed strategic supply chain management process. The paper delves on the importance of the 21st century supply chain strategy. The paper focuses on the significance of supply chain managers’ ensuring all products and services. The managers of the supply chain are making significantly favorable differences in the 21st century global supply chain markets.
Management of the global supply chain
Several articles place importance on managing the global supply chain management. According to Lenovo’s VP for its worldwide big as well as broad procuring process J. Zapko, there are several important strategies of modern day supply chain management (Handfield, 2013). One of the strategies is to ensure the timely global procurement of materials and products needed to complete the production deadlines. To achieve this goal, Zapko reassigns and assigns individuals in certain slots along the supply chain management process, attracting the best talents to work for Lenovo to achieve the critical demands of the Lenovo global supply chain. For each important step in Lenovo’s global supply chain process, individuals (including graduate students) who can deliver the required quotas are hired. For those who cannot meet expectations, line and staff employees must prioritize the successful implementation of their individual tasks and responsibilities within the global supply chain strategy. The preparation and implementation of supply chain-based contracts will increase compliance with previously established global supply chain benchmarks.
Further, the success of the global supply chain is grounded on the cooperation and coordination of the different parties. One of the parties is the manufacturer. The manufacturer acquires raw materials from the suppliers. The manufacturer uses the supplies to produce its completed or finished goods. Another party is the global customer. The goods are then sold to the manufacturers’ global customers. A delay in the delivery of the suppliers delays the manufacturers’ production output. The delay in the manufacturers’ outputs triggers the corresponding delays in the customers’ purchases. The manufacturers or sellers must ensure the customers will be able to find their required product and service demands on time. Consequently, the products must reach the store shelves before the store shelves are empty. The stores and manufacturers must ensure products are reordered to prevent stock outs, or empty store shelves. The twice stage model ensures customers will have a steady supply of their required products and services, saving customers both time reduction and money savings (Sher, M., Kim, Seung-lae, 2014).
Furthermore, the above articles affirm the 21st century supply chain managers create a favorable impact on the global supply chain process, especially in the delivery of compulsory goods. Compulsory goods include energy, food and medicine (Singh et al., 2014). The timely delivery of the companies’ global distribution of raw materials and finished goods will greatly attain and even exceed prescribed customer-prioritized production and sales goals and objectives.
Accordingly, the borderless global market economy is firmly entrenched on the perfectly timed and executed strategic supply chain management process. The 21st century supply chain strategy requires prevention of empty store shelves and manufacturers’ display shelves. The supply chain managers’ use of information technology ensures customers will always find their required products available. Evidently, the managers of the supply chain are favorably creating significantly improvements in the 21st century global market’s supply chain process.
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