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Summary of Don't tweak your supply chain - Essay Example

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Lee and was published in the Harvard Business Review during the period of 2010 (Lee 1). The article focuses on the various environmental problems that are linked with the area of supply chain. The…
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Summary of Dont tweak your supply chain
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Extract of sample "Summary of Don't tweak your supply chain"

Don’t Tweak Your Supply Chain The article d “Don’t Tweak Your Supply Chain has been ed by Hau L. Lee and was published in the Harvard Business Review during the period of 2010 (Lee 1). The article focuses on the various environmental problems that are linked with the area of supply chain. The author of the article claims that organizations can attain sustainability and become socially responsible at the same time and their profits would not be minimized due to these actions. The author states that the organizations should not only work in order to make betterments to their current strategy of supply chain, they should change the entire structure of the supply chain. While making changes to the supply change, managers need to take into consideration the cost at which they are obtaining raw materials, the quality of these resources and should give importance to inventory management. The author further states that the managers need to create a map of the internal constituencies that are connected with the supply chain and at the same time they should keep an eye open for opportunities and threats that their actions may cause to the society. While taking up any change in the area of supply chain organizations should identify how those changes will impact the overall society. The managers should not only be concerned about the practices and operations of their suppliers, they even need to keep an eye on the suppliers who are supplying raw materials to their suppliers. This is because if their suppliers are indulging in socially responsible practices, this does not mean that the suppliers of their suppliers are even doing the same.
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Lee, Hau L. Don’T Tweak Your Supply Chain—Rethink It End To End. Harvard Business Review. N.p., 2010. Web. 1 Dec. 2014. <>Read More
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“Summary of Don'T Tweak Your Supply Chain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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