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Operations Management: Analysis of a hotel - Essay Example

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The purpose of this paper is to represent a discussion on the Specific Features of the Hotel organization, which include selected internal operations and key finding analysis. Finally, the paper will look at possible difficulties and how they might be overcome…
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Operations Management: Analysis of a hotel
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Extract of sample "Operations Management: Analysis of a hotel"

Download file to see previous pages The hotel is a highly profitable and popular privately owned five star, located in the center of city which has a high level of tourists, both domestic and foreign. Notable facilities that it offers are a large number of rooms, some with in-suite facilities, two dining rooms which combined can hold up to 400 people at 1 time. While the two bars, are one of its star attractions, one open to the public with access from the street, the other being a cocktail bar catering specifically for residents, but open to the public (Shaw). The hotel also has spaces available to cater to specific events such as weddings. A proper management hierarchy is responsible for looking after the operations of the hotel. Every aspect of the hotel is double checked to ensure that a high quality of service is provided at all times.   The hotel boasts a wide variety of things that would be attractive features for the visitors. Each of these will be discussed in more detail in the following sections. It is important to understand that they have been described keeping in mind the perspective of the hotel itself. The most suitable location for hotels depends on the ‘markets’ - the types of guests - for which they are intended to cater. Some people like to stay right in town; other people prefer to be on the town outskirts but want to be within “easy reach” of shops and other local amenities, whilst yet other people prefer more secluded, quieter areas. But our target mix would be a combination of business travelers. as well as holidaymakers/vacationers. In addition, the hotel is able to accommodate both domestic business people (from other areas of the same country) as well as business people visiting the country (in various hotels, international tourists require additional services). Prime location of this hotel makes it more attractive as customers can get to any part of the city with ease. The Bar The Bar is always an important part of a hotel for both residents and non-residents. Moreover, the management has made the bar open to guests also since availability of this service to nonresident might also be of importance, particularly to business people with nonresident “guests” of their own to be entertained at the hotels at which they are staying. For a more unique experience, the design and layout has been made around a theme where even minute details have been selected with precision so that the consumers feel a uniform feel throughout the room. Function ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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