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Six Fundamental Steps in Implementing a Research Design - Assignment Example

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The paper "Six Fundamental Steps in Implementing a Research Design" states that the three dimensions of research could rely on secondary and primary data; that is, they can all rely on information that is already documented or even first-hand information from the field…
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Six Fundamental Steps in Implementing a Research Design
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Extract of sample "Six Fundamental Steps in Implementing a Research Design"

Download file to see previous pages For example, the case study provided in this research involves studying the effects of the 2010 murder in Northern Illinois University among parents, students as well as the Faculty members.
Normally this is the second step in implementing any type of research design. The objectives are usually formulated to serve a purpose of a guiding formula for undertaking a research; they are usually formulated in a realistic and manageable to ensure that the research meets all the intended objectives for instance (Alter, 2013): The case study provided, could be guided by an objective of studying and identifying the psychological effects of the 2010 murder among students and other concerned stakeholders.
There are different types of data. However, it is usually crucial for any researcher to identify and determine the appropriate data that his intended research will require. Additionally, the researcher should identify and state the sources of data, taking in consideration the nature of his/her study for example if the research is a case study, the researcher could opt for qualitative or quantitative data recorded in books as well as other primary sources of data that could be collected through interviews (Alter, 2013). This information is usually properly stated at the beginning of the research for readers to have an insight regarding the intended research dimensions presented.
There are different techniques applied in collecting research data; however, the criteria for selecting any research technique is usually based on the type of data needed, taking into consideration the research design as well as the objectives for instance, a theoretical research would majorly depend on qualitative data, which can be collected through focus group interviews or even observation (Bryman & Cramer, 2011).
This is the fifth step of implementing a research design; identification of a study scope is crucial for purposes of determining the sample size as well as the geographical coverage of research.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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