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People's Behaviour in the Quality of Service or Care - Essay Example

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The aim of this essay is to illustrate the experiences that I had in taking care of the patients. The act amounts into a reflective analysis through personal awareness. Personal-awareness in personal and professional development is a clear perception of one’s personality…
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Peoples Behaviour in the Quality of Service or Care
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Download file to see previous pages A health assistant acts in the delegation from a health professional. The health assistant, therefore, does not belong to a distinct profession. Correspondingly, a health assistant works according to guidelines that the NMC conduct codes put forward. The NMC code of performance requires that every HCA have a qualification that also has evidence. The evidence enumerate the list of certificates that illustrate the educational level, the place of education and the specific skills that the HCA is capable of performing. Working in the community, I have been taking care of an 18-year-old patient in his home. The patient was suffering from a chronic lung disease and so had to use a tracheostomy tube to help with his breathing difficulty. The function of the tube is to clear and remove secretions from the patient’s airways and provide easy and safe delivery of oxygen to his lungs. There is this particular morning that I was looking after him as recommended that he undergoes saline nebulizer every morning. This clears off the thick mucus he produces to make it easy for him to breathe easily. In addition, I give him colomycin, which is an antibiotic that helps kill bacteria. This is necessary for him as he is at risk of catching bacterial infections. Most of the times he is always asleep as this is done in the early morning hours. On this day, just as I was done with his saline nebulizer, he was up. I then began to try to connect the chamber to his trachea to start the colomycin nebulizer. He started shouting that he did not want the procedure done. He wanted to be left alone. He pulled the chamber off his trachea and kept shouting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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