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Customer Integration and Satisfaction Forum 5 TLMT 441 - Assignment Example

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Recent studies indicate the necessity of firms to focus on adequate strategic measures (Gerson, 2013).  These strategic measures are aims to ensure customer integration and overall satisfaction. A focus…
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Customer Integration and Satisfaction Forum 5 TLMT 441
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Extract of sample "Customer Integration and Satisfaction Forum 5 TLMT 441"

Integration and Satisfaction Integration and Satisfaction Firms aim at maximizing shareholders wealth through customer satisfaction. Recent studies indicate the necessity of firms to focus on adequate strategic measures (Gerson, 2013).  These strategic measures are aims to ensure customer integration and overall satisfaction. A focus on how motor carriers changed following the September 11 terrorist attack on the United States (U.S) is essential in understanding whether strategic change alone enhances customer satisfaction and integration (Atwater et al, 2011).
Different studies relate how change of strategy after occurrence of an unpredictable event enhances an organization’s success as well as survival. During the September 1 attack on the U.S, the terrorists hijacked a passenger carrier airplane sending worrying signals to customers regarding their safety. Customer’s reaction in relation to the safety concern is evident in all motor carriers within the U.S. In examining whether strategic change is essential for the long-term benefits of an organization, the study: To change or not to change, takes a close examination on customer’s feelings regarding all motor carriers’ firms’ response after the September 11 incident (Atwater et al, 2011). The data gathered indicates a huge disruption and downturns following the terrorist attack. For example, the normal operations in the motor carriers firms declined by more than half. Although, some carriers changed their strategies after the attacks, performance was still not impressing. All the carriers performed awful following the attacks as customers grew fear irrespective of any security measures the firms included (Atwater et al, 2011). As a matter of fact, a declined performance was achieved by firs that opted change their strategies as opposed to those that stuck with earlier strategies.
In conclusion, adopting strategic measures after a strategic surprise is not a guarantee of developing customer satisfaction (Kotler, 2010). As evidenced through the change of strategy by the carrier firms that changed their strategy following the September 11 terrorist attacks. Other than adopting strategic changes, the study finds out that customer satisfaction and integration is a continuous process.
Atwater, C., Gopalan, R., Lancioni, R., & Hunt, J. (2011). To Change Or Not To Change: How Motor Carriers Responded Following 9/11. Journal of Business Logistics, 129-155.
Gerson, R. (20133). Measuring customer satisfaction. Menlo Park, Calif.: Crisp Publications.
Kotler, P. (2010). Marketing management (Millennium ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall. Read More
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Customer Integration and Satisfaction Forum 5 TLMT 441 Assignment.
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