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Title: Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry: the relationship between customer satisfaction and 3, 4 star hotels - Essay Example

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The purpose of this chapter is to review the existing literature on the theories and theoretical concepts proposed by different scholars and researchers on customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and service quality. All of these are important in the hospitality sector. The…
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Title: Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry: the relationship between customer satisfaction and 3, 4 star hotels
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Extract of sample "Title: Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in the Hotel Industry: the relationship between customer satisfaction and 3, 4 star hotels"

Download file to see previous pages This too can be ascertained as it would help understand the context of the study. Previous studies have been synthesized, criticized, analyzed and presented in a concise manner. The origins, history and the current trends in the hospitality sector in the UK have also been looked at in this chapter. Customer satisfaction depends on several variables in the hospitality sector which could range from location to the delivery of service by the staff. Hence the relevant factors leading to customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector have been discussed in this chapter.
While services are performances that cannot be seen, touched, tasted (Zeithaml, Parasuraman & Berry, 1985) or displayed and communicated (Zeithaml & Bitner, 2000) quality has been defined as the overall impression of the consumers of the relative inferiority and superiority of the services (Spathis, Petridou & Glaveli, 2004). This implies that service quality is a multi-dimensional concept that can mean differently to different people (Santos, 2002). Service quality is also a form of attitude that need not necessarily lead to satisfaction (Bolton & Drew, 1991; Parasuraman, Zeithaml & Berry, 1985).
As per performance-based paradigm, service quality has been defined as “an attitude based on customers’ perceptions of performance (Nowark & Washburn, 1998) or perception of the service provided (Ismail, Haron, Ibrahim, Isa, 2006). Service quality is also considered an antecedent of customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction has higher influence over repeat purchase than services received. Service quality is thus a component of overall client satisfaction. Service quality has also been defined as a measure of the difference between customer expectations and the actual performance. It has also been defined as the judgment or the consumer’s global attitude of the excellence of service (Kangis & Voukelatos, 1997).
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