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Transportation Safety - Research Paper Example

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Whatever the mode of transport used, the possibility of an accident should not be overlooked. Every driver should ensure that the people reach their destination safe and…
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Transportation Safety
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Extract of sample "Transportation Safety"

Download file to see previous pages Notably the numbers can reduce only if more people took the initiative to drive safely. The commitment towards this should not be a one-person affair, but all persons involved in the transport sector from the top.
Human life is sacred, and employers should make sure that the precautions on transport safety that they take are geared towards its preservation. Transportation safety greatly reduces accidents that would lead to loss of human life. Another advantage is that transportation fatalities are costly to the employer. During an accident involving an employee, there are going to be medical expenses on the part of the employer. Another thing is that there will be a loss on the capital: your employees are part of your capital, and when they are not at work, there are going to be losses incurred.
There are also legal requirements for worker’s compensation, disability insurance as well as social security costs that the employer will have to cater for. On average, the U.S employers incur about $60billion annually as a result of this (Dhillon, 2011). This money would instead have been invested elsewhere to grow the economy.
It is the concern of the government too that transport fatalities that may be avoided do not happen. The American National Standards Institute has written down guidelines for use when it comes to motor vehicle use so as to preserve lives. These safety guidelines are voluntary, but every employer should acquire them so as to ensure the safety of those persons he or she has entitled his employees to.
There is also the 10-step program by Network of Employers for Transport Safety. This program is meant to guide the employers in minimizing the crash risks. These guidelines help the employers in hiring only competent drivers. These ten guidelines are:
Having written procedures and policies is important for documentation and reference purposes. These policies should be widely available and accessible to all. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Transportation Safety Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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