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Methods used by Transportation Safety Administration - Term Paper Example

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Since insecurity in the transport sector has negative economic effects, attention has been focused to protect the potential targets in the aviation industry. To…
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Methods used by Transportation Safety Administration
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Download file to see previous pages The body ensures that the nation’s transport systems are secure through use of sophisticated technologies like bottled liquid scanner, Biometrics, Credential Authentication Technology, explosive trace detection explosive detection system and threat image projection. Secure Flight Plan is another security measure by TSA where airline passengers’ information is compared to that in the governments watch list. In order to prove the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of these programs, TSA carried out a basic training program, which revealed that a good number of these technologies are efficient, though a few are ineffectual.
Explosive Detection System is one of the programs introduced by TSA to ensure security in air travel. EDS is used to screen bags in order to detect any explosive. Using the Explosive Detective machine the system can capture the image of a bag that contains an item that is a potential threat. If more screening is needed for such a bag, it is directed to the resolution room where the bag is thoroughly inspected by the security officers before it is redirected to the system (TSA, 2014). If cleared, the bag is directed to the aircraft. However, if the officers are not able to detect the alarm they can call upon the bomb squad. When this screening is used together with baggage system that is automated, there is improved security and increased efficiency. Explosive Detective System is effective for identifying threat items, which should be subjected to further screening without the screener interpreting the message. Although, the screeners who are able to interpret EDS should be cautious not to trigger the explosion when the luggage is taken for further screening
Explosive Trace Detection is the second program in TSA’s list of technologies for combating insecurity. This technology is used to screen passengers and their baggage to detect if there are any traces of explosives. In this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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