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Manufacturing Process - Essay Example

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Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is an American multinational and the world’s biggest manufacturer of consumer goods like baby care, health care, beauty care products. J&J basks in glory of an impeccable reputation regarding quality assurance. J&J has invested in technology as well as…
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Manufacturing Process
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Extract of sample "Manufacturing Process"

Logistics: Manufacturing Process Johnson & Johnson manufacturing process Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is an American multinational and the world’s biggest manufacturer of consumer goods like baby care, health care, beauty care products. J&J basks in glory of an impeccable reputation regarding quality assurance. J&J has invested in technology as well as systems for its factory management, manufacturing process management, standards for safety and health. The following are two instances in which J&J decided to upgrade their technologies in one of the emerging market in Thailand (manufacturing hub for the region) that I found quite interesting.
One thing that I found interesting and unique is the upgrading to vision sensor applications system technology from sensor technology. The main aim of upgrading was reduction of expenses related with an unfinished manufacturing processes as well as increasing the manufacturing effectiveness and efficiency within the factory. Additionally, J&J installed a vision system aimed at maintaining the standards of each product the company manufactures. Their slogan thus goes, “We never pass defect to customers.”Secondly, I was also amazed by team work at J&J. Thus J&J’s engineering team collaborated well with their Servo Dynamics in studying, planning, implementing as well as integrating the vision system with the factory first.J&J has also effectively managed in resolving sensor error problem .This has effectively reduced the manufacturing downtime by rate to zero percent (Shreefal, 2008).
Following the success of vision technology systems, J&J is seriously pondering extending putting in place vision systems in the manufacturing lines of the rest of the products so as to manage high demand from the market. Maintenance of has always been, continues to be J&J’S key and first priority.
Shreefal, M. (2008). Commercializing Successful Biomedical Technologies:Basic Principles for the Development of Drugs,Diagnostics and Devices. London: Cambridge University Press. Read More
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