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Package Marking RFID 351 wk 8 forum - Research Paper Example

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From definition point of view, Radio frequency identification also known as RFID is a system that transmits a unique serial number termed as identity on a wireless platform and by help of radio waves. In this paper, however, we are going to analyze and discuss current and…
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Package Marking RFID 351 wk 8 forum
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RFID technology RFID technology Introduction From definition point of view, Radio frequency identification also known as RFID is a system that transmits a unique serial number termed as identity on a wireless platform and by help of radio waves. In this paper, however, we are going to analyze and discuss current and potential uses of RFID in packaging tracking as well as RFID impact on supply chain as far as financial aspects is of concern.
Uses for RFID in package tracking
In most cases, RFID have got auto bar code ID technologies systems that are of value during data capture, as well as packaging and stocktaking in any of large-scale manufacturing industries. For long RFID has been of great influence especially in manufacturing and packaging industries in that, their tags are fixed on any object and used to track as well as manage any inventory, as well as assets. However, RFID can be used in a variety of applications including tracking of goods, access management, contactless payment, toll collections, smart dust, and verification of authenticity, airport tracking logistics, and timing sporting events (Angell, 2006).
Impact of RFID on the supply chain
While RFID is presently utilized within an expansive scope of uses, stress is moving progressively to use in the store network. RFID can have an immense effect on every feature of inventory system administration from the common, for example, moving merchandise through stacking docks, to the overwhelming, for example, overseeing terabytes of information as data about products close by is gathered continuously. The impact of RFID on the supply chain leads to optimization and enhancement of passenger experience especially in airports (Angell, 2006).
In conclusion, RFID technology as the Radio frequency identification system that transmits a unique serial number termed as identity on a wireless platform and by help of radio waves eases the total operation in the packaging industry and saves time for any work in progress for any prevailing industry. This in turn leads to profit maximization since supply chain is of great influence and in continuous perception that the consumers receive their preferences just on time
Angell, I. (2006). "RFID and the end of cash?"
RFID - Read this article explaining RFID technology.
RFID on the supply chain: Read More
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