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Critically Analyzing Fire Investigation Difficulty - Essay Example

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The case study have been carried out in light of ONLY difficulty attached with finding the origin and real cause of fire and how latest technologies and methodologies have eased up the work for Forensic Science. The article agrees to the difficulty of fire investigation…
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Critically Analyzing Fire Investigation Difficulty
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Download file to see previous pages This might be in relation to any criminal or any civil action. The word forensic is a derivation from the Latin adjective forensic, meaning "before or of the forum." In Romans times, a criminal charge would have meant presenting the case before a certain groups of public individuals in the forum. Both the accused and the accuser would give speeches of their sides of the story. The individual one with the best argument and delivery would have won the case. In modern use, the term "forensics" is closely associated with scientific field that is the word "forensics" is used with "forensic science". Fire Investigation one of the difficult studies Fire investigation also referred at times as the origin and cause investigation study is the examination of fire related incidents. It starts up once the fire is extinguished with the objective of piecing everything together to find out the real causes, bits of fire. Fire investigation is considered to be as one of the most difficult areas of the forensic sciences to practice. (Forensic Science information) However unlike most forensic disciplines, even the usual question of whether a crime has occurred is even not normally obvious. Moreover, the entire process of fire investigation needs to be undertaken just to find out if the case involves arson or not. Here the primarily difficulty of determining arson occurrence (or carrying out appropriate fire investigation) arises due to fire destroying most of the key evidences of its origin. Despite this school of thought, today we see the successful fire investigations being carried out. In the modern world today, forensic scientists have learnt to utilize tiny bits of what remains to find out the origin or the real cause of fire. In short...
This paper approves that Forensic Scientists have observed that many people have only limited knowledge of forensic science works and tasks that it performs. It can therefore be concluded that though the fire investigation is perceived by people as one of the difficult area of forensic study but with the use of above methodologies and technologies the investigation becomes easy. As researches have proved the reliability of these methods, they could be used to draw on reliable analysis from any fire debris. This author of the paper talks that fire Investigation mainly refers to the origin and cause investigation of fire it is primarily the analysis of fire related incidents. After fire extinguishers or fire fighters extinguish a fire, an investigation is thereby launched to determine the origin along with the cause of the explosion and fire. Investigations in to such incidents demand a systematic approach and knowledge of fundamentals of fire science. Fire investigation also referred at times as the origin and cause investigation study is the examination of fire related incidents.
This report makes a conclusion that this has brought much light in to studies which were often overlooked by Investigators. Identifications of such areas would help more once the arsenal case goes to trial. Once these samples have been gathered from the fire scene, these samples would be rechecked by the canine team before sealing the evidence container, to make sure proper evidence is collected because if only proper evidence is collected then only the result is good. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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