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The paper "Analysis of Canoe Restaurant in Pasadena" describes Canoe offers the best opportunity for doing business, with its state of the art facilities and spacious kitchen and technological advancements. Canoe is a restaurant that could in the future be the most profitable if it becomes well managed…
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Analysis of Canoe Restaurant in Pasadena
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Premier Dining Group consists of a chain of high end eateries comprising Aqua in Malibu California, and Canoe in Pasadena. As the manager of Aqua restaurant, these stores have in the past, and recent years acquired the best ratings from the Los Angeles County department. The stores ensure that clients receive foods and beverages of exceptionally high standards and quality. Moreover, exotic and extraordinary wine lists have rendered the establishment competitive and enable it to host high cadre of clients including wealthy patrons and celebrities.
As a prerequisite for sale contacts, completion of the Canoe restaurant was necessitated and paramount. The Los Angeles restaurant grading ordinance got formulated to monitor, evaluate and recommend restaurants particularly on their food handling methods, preparation and storage regulations (Hutter 15).
The grading ordinances have enabled customers, and authorities to achieve peace of mind in terms of food quality and heath (Hutter 20). After inspection of the Caneo restaurant, I wish to give the inspection report as follows:
First, the restaurant assistants were reluctant to observe some basic food handling procedure; Failure to clean and sanitize the instruments used for chopping foodstuff. The kitchen's chopping instrument gets used on different kinds of food, for example, beef and chicken. This increases the risks of food contamination for both customers and the workers.
Secondly, the chef, his assistant and the entire kitchen staff had a set of complete protective wear although none of them had hair nets. This increases the possibility of foreign material such as hair strands to drop in the food and thus contaminate it.
The refrigerator content is not labeled clearly. This makes it confusing for the chefs to pick the right ingredients for preparation of menus. Some of the kitchen units do not contain thermometers for measuring the exact temperature of food to prevent them from contamination.
There is also laxity in food handling; foods do not get wrapped but instead get left to open air. This too increases the possibility of contamination. Finally, lack of maintaining the required kitchen temperature from the required optimum temperature hinders proper food storage.
However, Canoe restaurant demonstrated positive results in kitchen practicing habits. First, there is a high level of cleanliness maintained in terms of personal hygiene, equipment, clothing and the kitchen surroundings.
An excellent grading result depends on perfection of the restaurants’ staffs’. The chef gets tasked with the ability and skills to ensure perfect food handling, storage and preparation (Hutter 26).
I would recommend that the restaurant ensures changes to all the mentioned shortcomings in order to enable its renaissance in the market.
Canoe offers the best opportunity for doing business, with its state of the art facilities and spacious kitchen and technological advancements. Canoe is a restaurant that could in the future be the most profitable if it becomes well managed and all the issues mentioned taken into consideration. Compliance is achieved in this restaurant despite the minor faults witnessed. Canoe’s target clients consist of individuals occupying higher social classes. This reflects on the organization’s way and culture of inherently ensuring that the client is always right and king.

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Hutter, Bridget M. Managing Food Safety and Hygiene: Governance and Regulation As Risk
Management. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2011. Print. Read More
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