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This paper under the headline 'Criteria to the New Employees’ Selection" focuses on the fact that the recruiting process of new employees is always a tough challenge. It is my understanding that you are looking for a new accounting graduate to grow with our company. …
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Criteria to the New Employees Selection
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Another important credential that you should look for is for graduating students that have work experience in accounting. Obviously, since they are new graduates you don’t expect an extensive experience resume, but you should target candidates that have at least an internship in accounting. A third credential that would be very valuable for the firm is candidates that are bilingual.
The candidates resume is very important. The resume should be free of grammar and punctuation errors, it should illustrate the graduation date and GPA, and the skills and work experiences of the candidate. Recent graduates that have extensive resumes of more than one page should be disqualified because their level of experience does not justify a resume that long. This shows an inability to write in a concise manner. During the interview, the candidate should be dressed in a formal manner. Applicants that dress informally should be disqualified because they are not taking their career aspirations seriously. Also during the interview, you should look for applicants that are confident and express themselves well verbally.  Read More
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(Criteria to the New Employees Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 264 Words - 4)
Criteria to the New Employees Selection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 264 Words - 4.
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