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Transportation Security Administration - Research Paper Example

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Transportation Security Administration Institution Affiliation: Date: TSA is a United States security agency primarily concerned with the public transportation sector. This agency oversees the safety of the public transportation sector stakeholders, especially the travelling public…
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Transportation Security Administration
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Download file to see previous pages The agency’s duties and responsibilities have necessitated the need to bring together various employees prior to the specific activity integral to all the activities that the agency undertakes. These are: Transportation Security Officers and Inspectors, National Explosives Detection Canine teams, Federal Air Marshals and VIPR teams (Balog, 2007). Airport inspector turnover is a persistent problem that the TSA has had to deal with. Year in year out, inspector turnover has affected performance and discharge of security measures in many airports of the US. There has been an observed persistent pattern of screeners’ turnover, resulting in delayed screening procedures in many US airports. This problem alongside that of selecting and training TSA inspectors can be addressed from the point of view of a criminal justice administrator. In addressing this issue in this perspective, TSA airport inspector turnover can be reduced in a number of ways, among them: Tracing the root cause of the problem Managing the turnover experienced in the TSA is a positive move by the management in the recent past. However, in addressing this problem, it is fundamental to trace the path from which this problem emerged. The system outlays a clear form of activity coordination between and among all the departments under the TSA. Inspector turnover is not just an issue that emerged out of the blues. The activities, duty and responsibility discharge by these inspectors must have been challenged at some point, resulting in this problem. It is ascertained that the TSA inspector turnover is the highest compared to other security agencies in the US (Steve, 2010). Once the root cause of the problem has been identified, then other prospects in regard to reducing this turnover can be pursued. Policy formulation and implementation Employment and work policies that are currently in place have not fully met employee welfare. This is evidenced by the consistent efforts to improve salaries and work duties of TSA employees, especially the inspectors (Welch, 2010). The turnover has been accelerated by lack of employee-work functionality and operation management systems. These systems should be designed and put in place to oversee employer-employee conduct in the line of duty and responsibility. Putting these systems in place would ensure that instead of inspector turnover being persistent; the arising issues that result in the turnover are addressed, thus reducing turnover numbers through the set system. Policies that are tailored towards aiding this process should be well formulated and implemented for the benefit of all stakeholders in the public transport sector, TSA included. Monitoring of the TSA’s office Many TSA inspectors have termed the TSA office as ineffective and inefficient. They claim that at various instances the office fails to give proper information about specific duties and responsibilities of the inspectors. Once hired, the inspectors have found the terms, requirements, duties and responsibilities to not meet their expectations. As a result, many inspectors have quit their jobs. On the same note, terms of employment are not clear, making some employees to go long as part-timers before they are permanently employed. Even on part-time employment basis, shifts of work keep varying, making these part-timers fixed to this job with no opportunity to do ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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