Fundamental Safety and Health Principles behind the Lockout Tagout Standard - Essay Example

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This is a fundamental safety standard that offers guidelines encompassing injuries caused by unexpected energization of machinery and equipment in the course of maintenance activities. This standard gives minimum operational requirements in order to curb such injuries or release of this energy…
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Fundamental Safety and Health Principles behind the Lockout Tagout Standard
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"Fundamental Safety and Health Principles behind the Lockout Tagout Standard"

This is a fundamental safety standard that offers guidelines encompassing injuries caused by unexpected energization of machinery and equipment in the course of maintenance activities. This standard gives minimum operational requirements in order to curb such injuries or release of this energy. It is important however to mention that the standard circumvents certain issues like employees in construction sites, agricultural entities or in maritime duties (OSHA, 2011). It does not also cover injuries resulting from electric utilities that are meant to generate, transmit or distribute power. It also circumvents oil and gas well services.The standard stipulates that employers are supposed to prevent energization of machines using lockout and tagout devices together with energy isolating mechanisms. Such mechanisms are expected to be appropriate enough as to control energization of machines mostly on start up which hugely prevents occurrences of injuries to company workers. Employees are also required to be thoroughly trained on how to handle such equipments in lockout and tagout instances. Inspections should also be done every time maintenance is to be carried out to ensure that such a machine has been isolated completely from the power source to prevent chances of stored energy release which in turn prevents injuries (OSHA, 2011) Read More
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