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Analysis of Traditional and Contemporary International Relations - Coursework Example

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The paper "Analysis of Traditional and Contemporary International Relations" highlights that Waltz’s central theory of neo-realism in international relations is underpinned by the proposition that the system of international politics is inherently dependent on a system of anarchy…
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Analysis of Traditional and Contemporary International Relations
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Traditional and Contemporary International Relations"

Download file to see previous pages The globalisation of world politics and the complex nature of international relations in the contemporary environment has meant that increasingly the dynamic of international relations is intrinsically dependent on where the balance of political power lies within the international framework beyond the confines of theoretical ideologies underlying international relations theory (Siracusa, 2010).
For example, Randin argues that arguably the most comprehensive manner to understand international relations is the interrelationship between state interest and where the balance of power lies within the international framework as evidenced by the post-September 11 system of international relations (Randin, 2006; Baylis et al, 2008). Indeed, a prime example is the current conflict and concern regarding the UN resolution for a no-fly zone over Libya which was sanctioned irrespective of abstentions from numerous states. As such, this paper will review international relations theory and highlight the gap between theory and reality as highlighted by the contemporary socio-political framework of international relations (Baylis & Smith, 2005). On this basis, it is further argued that neither traditional nor contemporary core ideas underlying established international relations theory are absolutely persuasive and that the evolution of international relations theory continues to be dependent on context.
With regard to the theoretical models, a central traditional theory in international relations is realism, which developed in the aftermath of the Second World War as reflected by the United Nations Charter, which focuses on mutuality of obligations in preventing a repeat of the atrocities of the war (Siracusa, 2010). This traditional model of realism was a product of its historical context and has continued to evolve (Randin, 2006). For example, within the realism paradigm, there are two strands of thought, namely; traditional and structural realism (Burchill et al, 2001), with leading theorist Morgenthau being a leading proponent of structural realism and Waltz was a leading proponent of neo-realism (Randin, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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