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Trace the Roots of Conflict in Iraq - Essay Example

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Business 11/30/2011 Executive Summary; The paper aims to reflect at the conflict of Iraq projecting various theories of international relations. A brief description of the theories of International Relations are projected and interlinked to situation of Iraq from various perspectives…
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Trace the Roots of Conflict in Iraq
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Download file to see previous pages The detail of the statement is illustrated in the later part of the paper with adequate supporting evidences. Introduction to International relationships: Rules and regulations play an in evident role in the development of a society. A productive output of a society witnesses successful adheres of rules and regulations. Thus, the system provides the base of an efficient society complementing productivity in a peaceful environment by following legislations commercially and individually. The development of society is closely interlinked with the development of business of an economy. The interrelation between the two in a microenvironment (Social, economical, political, technological) is that of a stake holder. Business is the keystone that supplements the development of a society and spares funds for necessary resources to permit the development and welfare of society. Hitherto, control of power through legislation enhances the capacity of conjunctional development for uniform advancement. The point of view is attempted to be illustrated with the help of diagram illustrated below; Two way shared understanding of Legislation The reputation, innovation, competiveness and growth of society and business are interdependent upon corporative adherence to legislation by the two. Imbalance of each unit can cast massive negative impact on maturity of microenvironment. The contemporary era is a period of rapid international growth supporting the features of globalization resulting in constant evolution of traditional concepts. Journalist Thomas L. Friedman, in The Lexus and the Olive Tree defines “globalization’ as (FRIEDMAN, Thomas L., 2000): …the inexorable integration of markets, nation-states and technologies to a degree never witnessed before—in a way that is enabling individuals, corporations and nation-states to reach around the world farther, faster, deeper and cheaper than ever before, and in a way that is enabling the world to reach into individuals, corporations, and nation-states farther, faster, deeper, and cheaper than ever before. The origin of the study of International relations aroused from the effects of the globalization such as pluralism and regional integration. Pluralism is the political philosophy which acknowledges diversity and supports methodological metropolitans. A society can be regarded as pluralistic on the basis of the fact multicultural aspect of the country because of the residents of different tastes, values and beliefs. (HUI, John, 2011). The thought behind the formulation of the study of International Relations was to determine social constructivism based on human awareness rather than materialism. (JACKSON, Robert H., S?rensen, Georg, 2007). Hitherto, the theories of International Relations can be categorized into Realism, Idealism and Constructivism. The idea that resolves the scope of the three fields is the projection of the ground concept of power and its execution in the social world. Realism; The school of scholars that support realism theory previews International relations as anarchical, which studies and propose model for distribution of power among states. (GRIFFITHS, Martin, 1999) Idealism: The theory of idealism emphasizes on law and a law regulatory body that advocates the interdependency of the entities of common interest and values and derives focus on common interests. Constructivism: This theory states that every country have its dissimilar state based on political culture, policies and history. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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