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Iraq and Kuwait relations - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Iraq and Kuwait relations" touches upon the geopolitical situation in Iraq. To be precise, Iraq was the former occupier of Kuwait and their international relation between them has been violent, brought by Iraq debt and conflicts over oil. …
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Iraq and Kuwait relations
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Extract of sample "Iraq and Kuwait relations"

Download file to see previous pages Will Iraq open negotiations? Will Iraq open negotiations? The negotiation platform will only be opened by Iraq if there will be any war that may materialize.For now, I don’t see any war emerging.With the good leadership of Iraq, if there need be, negotiations can be open by Iraq.Question to be answered about the specific research question. According to my specific research questions, the type of study is predictive.b. The dependent variable is Iraq open negotiations with Kuwait. No.d. The case study to be investigated is the relationship between Iraq and Kuwait. It should be given the in-depth study to see whether there can be any conflict.e. Yes. Some of the obvious answers are; Iraq will open negotiations due to the good political will and leadership. Its obvious answer because Iraq has got new leadership now which is willing to negotiate.f. NoIt is my concern that Iraq still needs oil for economic superiority and Kuwait has got this oil.So there may need to invade Kuwait by Iraq to have this oil. This may happen if the Kuwaiti government may be refused to settle the debt they have. What interest me in this research topic is that the human lives are at stake and the conflict should be avoided at all courses. According to Beverley Milton-Edwards and Peter Hinchcliffe, political figures, particularly in the White House, understood well that “given the powerful influence of the Zionist (pro-Israel) lobby in US internal politics, it would be a bold or rash administration that took any action that might stimulate its ire.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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