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In the paper “The Iraq War: Strategy, Tactics, and Military Lessons” the author uses the specific example of Iraq and researches the type of boundaries that Iraq has with each of its neighbor countries. He discusses the factors that either impede or encourage the diffusion of technology…
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The Iraq War: Strategy, Tactics, and Military Lessons
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Download file to see previous pages It is as if the country encourages technology diffusion within its boundaries, but its relations with other countries are tied to impeding technology.
Iraq’s war with Iran is the prime example of impeding technology diffusion. The rate of acquiring technology accelerated in weapon and warfare tactics. According to reports almost $94 million worth of US computer technology was sold to Iraq during that war (Hurst 58). But sadly all other areas of the governance were ignored. The economy of both countries suffered severe blows due to war. Technology progress was pushed back.
The only beneficiary of the war is the weapon industry. The education system is probably one of the biggest losers in this bloody game. Well developed countries nurture their education system to produce a brilliant generation. Such an output contributes to society. Iraq had not had the peace and resources to invest technology into its school system. Now the country is slowly rising from the ashes. Maybe in a few years’ time, the country will start producing excellent technology.
The Shia-Sunni conflict in Iraq is an old problem. Iraq’s history is plagued with these conflicts since the sixteenth century. The Ottoman Empire (Sunnis) and Iran (Shiites) were frequently fighting over Iraqi territory during that time span. Technology does not have religion, and it does not have sects. It needs a peaceful environment to bloom. Conflicts like Shias and Sunnis in Iraq are a major cause of impeding technology in that region. Shias and Sunnis can contribute much towards technology by cooperating but sadly they are involved in a tussle of power.
No technology company would want to invest in an area where there is uncertainty. Even the well-renowned universities would hesitate in opening research centers in a place where there are anarchy and chaos. Iraq is one such place where tech companies feel hesitant in putting up their factories and research & development centers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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