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How Important Is South Asia to Security in the Broader Asia-Pacific Region - Assignment Example

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The author states that it is the responsibility of the international community and the UN to ensure smooth relations between conflicting parties. This paper throws light over the importance of South Asia in the Asia-Pacific region and its impact on security issues within Asia-Pacific. …
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How Important Is South Asia to Security in the Broader Asia-Pacific Region
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Extract of sample "How Important Is South Asia to Security in the Broader Asia-Pacific Region"

Download file to see previous pages Having provided the above-mentioned facts and realities about Asia-Pacific and South Asian region, the author will now provide a summary analysis of how international community could ensure security across the Asia-Pacific region. Indeed, it should be pointed out that United Nations and the USA together have to resolve Kashmir issue through result-oriented negotiations because it is a bone of contention between India and Pakistan as these rival countries have already fought 4 gruesome wars on this grave problem. For instance, China may also support Pakistan against India if both entered another grisly venture on this issue. Secondly, there is dire need to resolve the water dispute between two nations that arise from internal and external rivers in both nations. It has come to the author’s knowledge that India has been constructing new dams on rivers to block Pakistan’s legitimate water right. Nevertheless, an agricultural economy like Pakistan will not accept this intrusion and may indulge in a war for sake of its economy. In short, the solution of the aforementioned disputes may ensure a feeling of permanent peace in South Asian region. Next, there is an immediate need to resolve India – China dispute Tibet so that both ASEAN members will not think about the use of hard power against each other. In addition, a permanent solution for China – Taiwan have to be proposed and implemented as both are key nations in the entire Asia-Pacific region. Above all, International community has to use diplomatic channels to let China and Russia withdraw from any covert or overt adherence to Iran and North Korea so that these nations would give up their aim for Atomic Power thereby alleviating Asia-Pacific region from arms race and vertical nuclear proliferation. Finally, there is an immediate need to ensure peace in Afghanistan and to crush militant forces that want to destabilize Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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