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Peronism and Perons Life - Term Paper Example

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The author describes Peronism, a type of political view and policy established by Juan Domingo Peron during his leadership in Argentina. The establishment of the said principles is considered as one of the events in modern Latin America that brought about significant change during the 20th century. …
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Peronism and Perons Life
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Extract of sample "Peronism and Perons Life"

Download file to see previous pages Political ideology and leadership can be one of the aspects of a nation’s identity. In Argentina, one of the main political eras had been marked by the rise of Peronism which occurred during the leadership of Juan Domingo Peron. It had been stated that the establishment of Peronism had been due to the hegemony created by Peron and his political views. By the empowerment of the working class, Peron was able to rise into power and become the president of Argentina in three terms (Howarth, Norval and Stravrakakis 24).
Peronism is a changing political concept. There are different definitions of Peronism specifically based on the era where it had been applied. The original definition of the word had risen during the initiative of Juan Peron himself but even during his absence and the period when he went back to the office, the definition of Peronism had developed (Brennan 3). The founding meaning of the term Peronism is a complex issue to tackle since Juan Peron applied the term to describe a complex union of political ideas. The issue is intricate thus it evoked discussions and debates to be able to arrive at a standard definition of the word.
According to a number of scholars from different nations, there is a crisis in the definition of Peronism on the basis of the standard concepts of political science as well as social sciences. Locally, the term Peronism can be considered as a concept understood by the people but failed to be defined and classified. For that matter, the achievement of consensus in the definition of the word is a challenging task (Brennan 3). Although this is the case, it can be considered that the most feasible method to define the concept of Peronism is by describing all the parameters related to the term. Peronism had been classified as an alteration and/or modification of any of the concepts of populism, socialism or fascism (Brennan 4). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Peronism and Perons Life Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words)
Peronism and Perons Life Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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