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Public Officials and Public Opinion Polls - Assignment Example

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This paper “Public Officials and Public Opinion Polls” will highlight many arguments in favor of public opinion polls and arguments against public opinion polls. During the political campaigns, it is seen that the candidates use opinion polls in order to judge their images…
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Public Officials and Public Opinion Polls
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Download file to see previous pages Policies are formed in a state for benefiting the citizens in various ways. For this reason, consents of people are important for selecting and developing appropriate policies for a state. In most of the country, the government is selected by the people. The citizen expects that the government will work for developing the country and facilitating the lives of people. The government needs to consider the opinion of the citizen while taking any major decision. By this process, the government will be able to understand the expectation of the people for the state and the things which create strong impacts on them (Burstein, 2003). Generally, policies are formed for improving the condition of the country. People of the state face different types of situations and circumstances for living their life in the state. They are the most appropriate people who can recommend the best policy for the country. With the help of public polls the government is able to understand the wants of the people and according to that, they can form effective policies for the state. Polls are the most powerful and effective tool in getting information and feedback from the people. Public opinion polls indicate the number of people interested in taking part in politics and decision process of the state. The opinions of maximum and a minimum number of people can be analyzed with the help of public opinion polls. When a government takes policy decision according to the majority opinions the citizens then the people tend to support the government. Public opinion polls are used by the public officials for giving importance to the people. With the help of public opinion polls, a government can show it’s concerned towards people opinion. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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