Discover How the everyday operations of the press intersect with the political system and with government affairs - Assignment Example

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In discussion of the interactions between the press and various government affairs this paper will review some of the stories published in the Washington Post. In an article by Josh Hicks, he reveals to the public why they should mind about the Department of Homeland Security…
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Discover How the everyday operations of the press intersect with the political system and with government affairs
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Extract of sample "Discover How the everyday operations of the press intersect with the political system and with government affairs"

The Press interactions with the Government In discussion of the interactions between the press and various government affairs this paper will review some of the stories published in the Washington Post. In an article by Josh Hicks, he reveals to the public why they should mind about the Department of Homeland Security initiative to use license-plate tracking across the country. This shows the federal government initiative to acquire more information on its citizens so as to apprehend the wrongdoers. “License readers scan all vehicles that cross their paths, taking photos, gathering tag numbers and marking locations”. The contentious issue here is if the data collected is kept in a secure place and not prone to misuse. Also, whether there are substantial laws to guard against misuse of this data (Hicks n.p).
In a story by Rosalind Helderman highlights the challenges Scott Walker faces in his ambition of being a presidential runner in 2016. Scott who is the Wisconsin Governor faces two court cases that may undermine his chances in the presidential race. One case is centered on his “ex-aide’s e-mails” whereby “questions arise about the extent he encouraged interaction between his 2010 campaign and his official aides”. Even though he emerges victorious in this e-mail probe prosecutors are also looking if his “successful recall campaign illegally coordinated with independent conservative groups”. Him being able to walk free from these allegations will boost his chances and earn him strong influence (Helderman n.p).
In a story by Johnson and Craighill on latest poll opinion on the federal government healthcare bill in the state of Maryland; show that majority of the residents supports the law (55% support). However nationally there are varying opinions. Maryland’s huge support is probably because the number of democrats is high and they strongly advocate for passing of the law. Maryland’s online health insurance has been faced with various technical difficulties and hasn’t been successful as anticipated by the state officials (Johnson n.p).
Laura Ingrahm gives an opinion on reasons conservatives should base in rejecting the immigration reform. The statistics show that most immigrants are in support of the democrats thus could not benefit the conservatives at all. Laura stresses on the need of using facts and experiences to weigh the benefits accruing from a new policy instead of relying on sentiments and dreams. Also that the recent politicians are fanatics and trusting them with important boarder laws is such a bad idea. Hence, if conservatives agree with the passing of the bill it would be deemed as political suicide rather than political courage (Ingraham n.p).
In Hiscock and Ferrisburgh letter to the editor highlights the “GOP’s concession to tea party on immigration is ironic”. The immigration reform intends to allow immigrants be able to work and also pay taxes bit this won’t be guarantee of becoming U.S. citizens. Recalling that, except the Native Americans all of us are immigrants who deserve equal and fair representation (Hiscock n.p). In a story by Evan Soltas, he highlights the critical issues in the “CBO’s minimum wage report”. The proposed minimum wage by Obama of “$10.10 an hour” will result in a cut off jobs but at the same time decrease poverty (Soltas n.p).
The newspaper gives various government affairs priority as most of the times the front cover is usually printed with a certain government activity. The press plays a major role in educating the general public on current issues, and gives them a platform to air their opinions. Also it has an economic purpose through advertisements and showing latest trends in the market environment. Hence a successful society will have a responsible media that peacefully coexists with the government.

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