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Political Chaos and Stalemate in East Asia - Essay Example

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This paper “Political Chaos and Stalemate in East Asia” will analyze some of the political trends that occur in East and South East Asia, noting the peculiarities of some of the leading countries as well as those who are or used to be divided…
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Political Chaos and Stalemate in East Asia
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, it also may be rather interesting to analyze the views of the opposing side which claims that existence of the Asian values can hardly be held responsible for the success. For example, they argued that people in this part of the world willingly adopt the role of servants of authoritarian regimes. In addition to that, it is suggested that while the above mentioned values existed for a considerable amount of time, the rapid economic growth occurred exclusively in the previous century which challenges the direct connection between the two phenomena.
After a detailed examination of the attitude towards the Asian values, it may be rather logical to turn to analysis of some of the states in the region. By far, the country that should be addressed in particular is Japan. Speaking of the future of this member of G7 one might point out and important aspect of its political life: for a considerable amount of time the latter has been dominated by representatives of Liberal Democratic Party (Hrebenar 69). Indeed, the second half of the previous centuries featured only a hand full of Prime Ministers that belonged to a different party. All this provides a person with sufficient grounds suggesting that the future of this country will be closely connected to the activity of the party in question.
The next important country of the region is Indonesia. It must be noted that the second half of the twentieth century is marked by the rule of Suharto (Anderson 21). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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