Women in politics: the iron lady (Margaret Thatcher) - Movie Review Example

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Iron Lady is a movie that explains the life and times of Margaret Thatcher who was the first British woman Prime minister. The film that was written by Abi Morgan, produced by Damian Jones and directed by Phyllida Lloyd, expounds the life of Thatcher as a civilian as well as her life as the most powerful woman in Britain…
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Women in politics: the iron lady (Margaret Thatcher)
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Women in politics: the iron lady (Margaret Thatcher) Preview Iron Lady is a movie that explains the life and timesof Margaret Thatcher who was the first British woman Prime minister. The film that was written by Abi Morgan, produced by Damian Jones and directed by Phyllida Lloyd, expounds the life of Thatcher as a civilian as well as her life as the most powerful woman in Britain. The movie begins with a lonely old Margaret Thatcher clearing her husband’s clothes ready for the Oxfam shop. Ironically, Margaret is always in an unimagined conversation with Dennis who is now deceased. Thatcher is portrayed as one who do not want to accept reality of the present. She lives in the past and always remember her times as the Prime Minister as a result of great support of Dennis Thatcher who is now in another world. The present portrays Thatcher as one who is no longer recognized by people. She goes to a shop, buys milk without attracting anybody’s attention.
Through a flashback, we see the young Thatcher’s interest in politics as originating from her father. She takes most of her time listening at her father’s political speeches. She later secures a chance at Oxford University where ignites the deep seated passion of becoming a politician. Thatcher breaks a record at the university when she clinches a seat in the male dominated Tory Party. Despite many challenges in the party as a result of male dominance, Thatcher still climbs the ladder and secures a slot as Education Secretary in the Edward Heath’s cabinet. In 1979, Thatcher makes a history by becoming the first woman Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This is not after several hurdles of failure. The victory comes after she had initially lost in an election in the post of a Member of Parliament. Since iron remains strong always, Margaret never gives up until she gets into the history records as the first woman to be at the top of a political position.
However, since behind every successful woman there is a supportive husband, Margaret owe her success to the support of Dennis. When she opens her heart to Dennis telling him that she will not die while washing out tea cups or attending to duties in the kitchen but that she will have a career in politics, Dennis gives her an assurance being behind her 100% and says that he loves her and wants to marry her. Margaret the new Prime Minister of the UK shows her iron side by taking over the leadership when Britain is facing economic and domestic chaos. She proceeds to show her iron side by visiting British businesses and giving them an inspiration talks. At the end, we see the “Iron Lady” dressed in grey clothes taking breakfast. She then walks away.
Insights from the movie
The portrayal of Thatcher as a woman with an iron fist is a clear indication that women have a place of influence in the society. The movie shows clearly that men are ready to support strong-willed women in the world of politics.
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