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How did Margaret Thatcher become leader of the Conservative party Why was she able to remain as the partys leader for fifteen years - Essay Example

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She became the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990. In the same time she was elected as the leader of the Conservative Party four years before she became the prime minister of the United Kingdom. Margaret…
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How did Margaret Thatcher become leader of the Conservative party Why was she able to remain as the partys leader for fifteen years
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Extract of sample "How did Margaret Thatcher become leader of the Conservative party Why was she able to remain as the partys leader for fifteen years"

Download file to see previous pages She was representing Finchley Region in England. Later in 1970, she was appointed the secretary for Education and Technology. In a conservative party election that was held in 1975, Thatcher was able to defeat Edward Health as the leader of the Conservative party and by that she emerged the leader of opposition and the first woman to be a leader of a major political party in the UK. This paper will look at the strategies that Margaret Thatcher used to become the leader of the Conservative Party and how she remained its leader for such a long time.
As mentioned earlier in the introduction, Margaret Thatcher became the first lady to hold a major party leadership in the United Kingdom. Her way of leadership made her to be branded the Iron Lady due to the mode she used in administration and maintaining her relevance in leadership. Battling it with men and especially defeating Edward Health in the Conservative Party elections in 1975 worked as a milestone in her bid to become the first female Prime Minister in the United Kingdom.
Thatcher’s put down a number of policies that she was fighting for and which she deemed best for the whole nation. Her policies cost the country in some way but also empowered the people to work more and deliver much without waiting for the government to do a lot for them (Evans, 2013). Thatcher made it clear that the government could only do what it was capable of doing and the people would be left with the mandate to do the rest for themselves. One of the policies that she set was the ownership of houses that made the citizens able to own houses for the first time in the history of the nation. This earned her both fame and resistance from the people who thought that her way of leadership was truly deficient.
In becoming the leader of the conservative party, Thatcher had capitalised in the loss of power of the party leader Edward Health who had become unpopular and consequently lost the seat to her in the party elections ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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