Analysis of Battle Zones: Ukraine and Syria Film by Patrice Taddonio - Essay Example

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The author of the essay analyzes the film titled “Battle Zones: Ukraine & Syria" directed by Patrice Taddonio which reveals the hatred and pain among the fighting countries. The author states that the movie could do better if it had been more critical.   …
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Analysis of Battle Zones: Ukraine and Syria Film by Patrice Taddonio
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The most important points that concerned the country were conveniently left out. Some of the questions that could be raised from the support given by Kyiv are how the country could provide enough money to get military airplanes and helicopters against the countries in the east which were against the European Union, yet it had amassed huge debts and was on the brink of civil war.
The film could also be interpreted as western imperialism in that there was a massive influence of the west. There were billions of dollars that were paid from the United States to help Ukraine pay back Russia for the deliveries of gas for the country. According to some journalists, the United States believed that they could buy their way out problems by using money. They believed that they could gain more friends by helping the ailing nations financially (Taddonio). By not mentioning the help that the United States was not mentioned, the film could have been more critical. Instead, it only painted the picture of a warring poor nation which could hardly support themselves throughout the war.   Read More
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Analysis of Battle Zones: Ukraine and Syria Film by Patrice Taddonio Essay.
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