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The Capabilities And Limitations Of Intelligence In Supporting Homeland Security - Essay Example

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A writer of an essay " The Capabilities And Limitations Of Intelligence In Supporting Homeland Security" reports that one of DHS mission is to collect, disseminate and analyze the available intelligence that contributes to the understanding of the terrorist threat…
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The Capabilities And Limitations Of Intelligence In Supporting Homeland Security
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Extract of sample "The Capabilities And Limitations Of Intelligence In Supporting Homeland Security"

Download file to see previous pages The fusion centers recommend the 9/11 Act that belongs to the state and local government in federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial governments. The intention is to share crucial information concerning terror threats, criminal activities, and any other related hazards. The goal of state and local fusion is to satisfy the customer needs at the federal and the local needs. The federal government maintains that it uses fusion centers as focal points to disseminate terrorism-related information to state and local governments. The transformation of United States intelligence entails editing of blueprints of the intelligence officers and the description they seek to accomplish. True intelligence transformation fuses creative business practices and the selected technologies for achieving strategic advantage. President Obama issues Intelligence Community Directive that stipulates that it is the duty of Intelligence Community to provide, discover, and request criminal information inconsistent with the tenets of DHS commitment to information sharing. In 2005, the 9/11 Commission stated that the nation has made minimal progress toward the seamless information sharing system. In 2009, the Markle report found that it was the responsibility of the Executive of America and Congress to reaffirm information sharing as its top priority. In addition to that, it was the duty of them to those policymakers has the best information to inform their decisions. The creation of the DHS in 2002 is in line with terror attacks. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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