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This paper "What is the Threat to the US from North Korea?" focuses on the Korean War that ended during the period of 1945 and resulted in the separation of North and South Korea, North Korea and the United States have consistently been in conflict with each other. …
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What is the Threat to the US from North Korea
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North Korean Threat to the United States
Since the end of the Korean War that ended during the period of 1945 and resulted in the separation of North and South Korea, North Korea and United States have consistently been in conflict with each other. This is mainly due to United States assistance to South Korea during the Korean War. Other than this conflict, United States have intervened in North Korea to put a stop to the nonhumanitarian practices of the North Korean government towards their own people. Due to this intervention, North Korea has become quite an enemy of the United States. Due to this conflict, it is feared that North Korea may be planning to attack United States directly or indirectly through its everyday developing nuclear program.
One of the main threats to United States from North Korea is that North Korea might soon become capable enough of developing nuclear weapons that can be used against United States and its allies. North Korea and South Korea have been in continuous conflict over the issue of Korean Peninsula and United States has tried to help South Korea as South Korea is an ally of United States (U.S. Department of State, 2014). The threat is that if North Korea develops nuclear weapons, it may directly attack the South in order to solve and gain victory on the dispute of Korean Peninsula. If North Korea attacks the South, there is huge possibility of a World War consisting of use of nuclear weapons taking place. A World War may erupt because US being friends with the South may help the South, while on the other hand China being an ally of North Korea may try to defend them (Schneider, 2014). United States already owes a huge debt to China and China has the ability to completely destroy the United States and due to this United States may not be able to assist the South in order to protect its own nation.
United States have been fighting the war for peace and the war against terrorism for several years. Due to this several nations such as Afghanistan and militants living in those nations are quite angry with the United States. One reason due to which the United States has an upper hand over the extremist terrorist group is that these terrorist groups do not control nuclear weapons. If North Korea is able to develop its own nuclear weapons, then there is a possibility that North Korea may supply these weapons to the terrorist organizations and the terrorist organizations will then have the ability to attack United States with nuclear weapons (Snyder, 2013).
North Korea is kind of an isolated region which blindly trusts its government and is ready to take any action that may be commanded by their government. North Korea is developing its nuclear power at a very fast pace and due to this there is a threat that North Korea may attack allies of United States such as South to stand victorious on the issue of Korean Peninsula or may supply these dirty bombs to terrorist forces who want to attack United States.
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