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The Cold War: One Of The Most Studied Nonwars Of Century - Essay Example

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An essay "The Cold War: One Of The Most Studied Nonwars Of Century" examines how “the brave and essential response of free men to communistic aggression”  justified the origins of the Cold War. As World War Two ended, the previous isolationism policy ended.  …
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The Cold War: One Of The Most Studied Nonwars Of Century
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"The Cold War: One Of The Most Studied Nonwars Of Century"

Download file to see previous pages The United States declared war four days later and became a world player. Harry S Truman became the president after the death of FDR. He introduced the Truman Doctrine in order to stop the spread of Communism into the free world. His doctrine stated that the United State is a leader of the free world and must support freedom- loving people wherever communism was a threat to them. His doctrine was introduced to the free world on March 12, 1947. The point of the plan politically was to help all free countries especially Greece and Turkey. Due to the European crisis, Great Britain had stated they were no longer able to defend Greece and Turkey from the invading forces of Communism. He believed we should support Greece and Turkey economically and militarily. Truman’s government gave over $400 million to Greece, Turkey, and Italy to help contain Communism without sending troops over to Europe. It became a large part of his contain communism plan. The Marshall Plan 1947 was developed to help rebuild post-war Europe. It was the soft portion of his policy. NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was developed in 1949 with 14 countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Greece, Iceland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, and Spain, NATO was created to stop Communist aggression and to keep the peace. The response of the Russians to NATO was a development called Warsaw Pact in 1955. The treaty was signed in Warsaw, Poland on May 14, 1955.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Cold war the world (Brown, 2011). These among other factors are some of the main causes that led to the rise of the cold war. However, this rivalry was presented through espionage, aid to client countries, rivalry at sport competitions, massive propaganda campaigns, technological contests, military federations and making pleas to neutral nations. One of the most evident expressions of the conflict is the Space Race which was related to technological improvement. These were some of the proxy wars that the Soviet Union fought with the United States (Leffler, 2008). Additionally, both parties sought for a detente so as to relieve the military and political...
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Cold war
...Cold War Several aspects of the American society had been impacted by the ‘Cold War’ for most part of the second half of the 20th century. As the ‘Cold War’ emerged out of the opposing values fought mostly through propaganda and secret tactics, the global battle for supremacy shifts the balance of power between the United States and democratic countries on one hand, and the Soviet Union and the allied communist nations on the other. This event provided stimulus for continuously sustaining and expanding the U.S. military capability after the end of WWII and to a higher end, remedied the...
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Cold War
...reoccurring were exceptionally high. The Soviet Union had a vast army known as the Red Army headed by the Zhukov. The United States region was in possession of the atomic bomb; the world’s most destructive weapon. (Bahm, Enright, and van Tyull, 2011) Patton, one of the leading generals in the Western bloc, recommended the bloc to fight the Red Army of the Soviet Union. In 1946, Churchill talked about the iron curtain that was to hit Europe in his speech in Missouri. The speech encompassed an Anglo-American deal based on fighting the Soviets. Between 1947 and 1953, the restraint rose through the Korean War. By 1947, the U.S president Harry Truman got urged to counter the Soviet’s...
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Cold War
...Prof’s The Cold War had many causes, but the fundamental causes were the fact that the United s and the Soviet Unions were by far the two most powerful countries in the world during the Cold War years (Chafe 2009: 117), and the fact that the two believed each other’s existence to be anathema to the other: that either capitalism or communism would need to be a new world order. The United State’s strategy during the Cold War shifted slightly, but also remained surprisingly constant. One of the pillars of this strategy was not ever involving the United States in direct confrontation with the Soviet Union:...
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Cold war preparation for a Russian offensive that never came. There is no doubt that the cold war was a close call, and it showed the world the folly of another war since it is very unlikely there would have been a sure winner, but unequivocal that millions of lives would have been lost. Bibliography Nissani, Moti. “Weapons Of The Cold War Lives in the Balance: Chapter 4. The Cold War and American Politics.1945-1991” Wakefield, N.H: Hollowbrook Publishing. 1992. [Accessed 6 November 2012.] Jeremi, Suri. “Explaining the End of the Cold War:A New Historical...
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Cold War clearly no less important to the freedom-loving peoples of the world than the future of Greece” (Truman 3). But the reason behind his emphasis on the retaining democracy was not only that the US is a democratic country but also that democracy is such a political system which itself is a barrier to the rise of despots and tyrants like Hitler. Truman’s faith in this ability of democracy has been expressed in the following line: “No government is perfect. One of the chief virtues of a democracy, however, is that its defects are always visible and under democratic processes can be pointed out and corrected” (Truman 3). The main tenets of the US containment policy to fight were adopted by the Truman Presidency, though...
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Cold War
...of American soldiers were killed in this war and America was forced to withdraw from Vietnam without achieving any of the goals it had set out to achieve. However, not all turned out badly for the United States because it managed, along with its allies, to form a defense pact (NATO) which came to ensure its security as well as its influence. The Cold War displayed the economic strength of the United States because it not only managed to outlive the Soviet Union, its economic system came to be adopted by almost all the countries in the world, in one form or another (Rosenberg). After the Cold War, the United States remained the sole...
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...Causes and consequences of cold war Cold war was a silent war between the US and the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union wanted to spread communism in the Eastern Europe and the US saw that this spread from Soviet Union was most likely to spread and very quickly to Eastern Europe, Asia and even Africa in a domino effect and it therefore tried to contain it using different strategies and policies. Soviet Union was on the other hand afraid of US and what it could do and hence put in place its own strategies to prevent US affecting its communism spread plan. This distrust and suspicion was the basis of cold war...
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Twentieth Century Wars - the Cold War
...that was being involved in the war through the Draft. Vietnam was unified by the communists forcefully after the withdrawal of America in 1975. Upon their return, the Vietnam veterans did not receive the respect typically given to war veterans. Professor Pham Quang Minh from the University of Hanoi considers the Resolution Eight of July 2003 as a prime development in the adjustment of Vietnam to the change of alignment in Asia after the Cold War. He says that till then “it was not easy to determine how to play the game, and who shared the same idea. [Resolution Eight] provided for the first time the new definitions different from previous ones in...
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...Cold War was a unique phenomenon of post WW2 international relations when the two nations, especially the two superpowers: USA; and USSR had developed hostile relations defined by sharp conflicts within political diplomacy and Economic areas. According to Murrin et al. (2011) cold war was not only confined to international relations but it had encompassed myriad aspects of domestic and international conditions which had huge impact on the people at large. He affirms that in international relations, Cold War affects social conditions at the national and local level and may also remain in background and serve as catalyst that may adversely...
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