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Democracy and an Age of Democratization - Essay Example

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The paper “Democracy and an Age of Democratization” seeks to evaluate a democracy, which is a political system where the will of the majority of the people, becomes the governing law in the country. The voice of people becomes the supreme power that forms the base for all Legislations…
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Democracy and an Age of Democratization
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Download file to see previous pages Two of the characteristics include competitive political parties and an independent judiciary.
The presence of competitive political parties in the American democracy influences its ability to function effectively throughout the political system of the country. Political parties are so essential because they offer means through which citizens can be mobilized to support the vision of society. Mobilization happens during elections where the competing political parties, sell out their agendas and seek support from the public. During this process, the parties offer citizens with meaningful choices in the leadership of the country, and opportunity for participation in shaping their future nation. Within the political parties, the citizens interact freely to contest for public offices, express their vision for the society, and demonstrate their needs and interests (Gizzi et al 210). In an effective democracy, political parties develop a common vision for a significant group of the population so as to exert pressure on the political system of the country. This help to place the citizens’ local interests on a national context.
In the United State of America, citizens are usually divided on the basis of interests, policies, and leaders. This makes it easier for political parties to provide grounds for compromise as well as uniting the society. The political parties nominate leaders to assume leadership of the country and support them during the election period. They, therefore, form the main linkage between the government and the cultural, religious, ethnic, economic, and many other societal groups. Political parties also support certain legislation in an attempt to improve the welfare of the society and act on citizens’ interest (Gizzi et al 199).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Democracy and an Age of Democratization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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