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In this paper, the author explains the role of federal and state government in the policymaking process. One of the roles of the government is the provision of public utility. This is coupled with a responsibility to formulate laws for establishing and managing the provisions for efficiencies. …
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Healthcare Policy and Economics
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The government’s policymaking processes and their implementation occurs at the top government levels, the federal government and state government levels. Policymaking at state levels is majorly vested in the state legislature and the governor. The legislature debated on approves policies for implementation, and allocate implementation funds. The governor’s office, however, makes decreed policies that can be regulated by state judiciaries and legislatures. The role of the state government in healthcare policymaking is however limited to the federal government’s policies (Teitelbaum, and Wilensky, 2012)

The federal government plays a major role in policymaking, especially in health care. This is because state governments are subjected to federal policies. The role of the federal government in policymaking is majorly through Congress’ legislation, though the president also plays a significant role in federals government policymaking through approving legislated policies from Congress and through issuing ordered policies to government agencies. Such policies are however subject to Congress’ checks (Teitelbaum, and Wilensky, 2012). Read More
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