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The paper "The Wiki-Leaks Site" discusses that the government did not provide the military with the truth behind their directions. The government could not disclose information that they considered sensitive. Such information was to remain a reserve of few trusted officers in the administration. …
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The Wiki-Leaks Site
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Extract of sample "The Wiki-Leaks Site"

Wikileaks is a nonprofit-based site that circulates leaks of government information from unidentified sources. The site’s activities initiated in the year 2006 and the leaks from the site have attracted considerable world’s attention. For instance, the site has unveiled information about the Afghanistan, Iraq wars, corruptions in numerous countries and other extremely sensitive information from the U.S government. The concern regarding the wiki-leaks operations has attracted strong controversies with the society failing to understand the motive behind the website’s activities.
The website leaked the government’s secretive communications regarding their operations. Governments were engaged in ill communications like recommending unjust actions to tame the rebellious groups. Particularly, the governments were playing a tricky game with the public by adopting concealed plans that appeared just to escape public pressures tactically. This website hence leaked the concealed legitimacy about such plans. Indeed, leaks from the website presented the real motive behind the governments’ operations.
The military in the ground could only obtain virtual information considered to have minimal influence on the government’s procedures.
The information from the source emerges as a real “leakage”. Therefore, wiki-leaks information makes considerable sense hence should not be dismissed as useless. Read More
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