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Aspect of the Presidential Candidates Family History - Essay Example

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The essay "Aspect of the Presidential Candidate’s Family History" states that On April 20, 2012, Sarah Huisenga wrote an article about Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney reacted to Montana Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer’s comment regarding Romney’s family background…
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Aspect of the Presidential Candidates Family History
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Extract of sample "Aspect of the Presidential Candidates Family History"

The article went on further to describe that George Romney had grown up on a Mormon compound established by his grandfather who had four wives. Asked to comment, Obama’s reelection campaign spokeswoman Lis Smith replied that they will not engage in attacking a candidate’s religion and that the practice was beyond what is appropriate.
I think that this aspect of the presidential candidate’s family history, especially if it will not affect the candidate’s performance should he become the president, is of no relevance. I think Americans are more concerned with a presidential candidate’s capability to govern them than if where the candidate’s parents grew up. As the article mentioned, it was only Romney’s great grandfather who did not practice monogamy. It just shows that even if it was against their beliefs to have more than one wife, Romney’s grandfather and father stuck to their own principles of having just one family as is what presidential candidate Romney has done. At the end of the day, I think what matters is Romney’s personal conviction. This is what makes him the kind of person and presidential candidate that he is. If this kind of person is who America wants as a ruler then what his great grandfather had done should be of no consequence. Read More
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Aspect of the Presidential Candidates Family History Essay - 17.
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